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1. giveaway from JD Chambers  that will be sent directly to your kindle

Depth of Focus (Coming out on 11/20)
Growing up, Travis hated his small town, Slat Creek, and everyone in it. His only goal was to escape for good, and at the age of twenty-one, he thought he had finally achieved it. But when his sister struggles with the death of their mother, he has to return home to care for her.

Whitman grew up believing in the healing power of books, but it wasn’t until he moved to a small town in Oregon as their new librarian that he sees that belief in action. He’s living his dream professionally. But personally, he’s lonely and wondering if he made a big mistake, until he meets a sad teenager and takes her under his wing.

Might an observant and helpful librarian be enough to tempt Travis to stay?

2. giveaway from T.L. Christianson that will be sent directly to your kindle
Shade of Red #2: Scarlet, Taming the Thirst
A rogue scientist is wiping out the vampire population with a deadly plague. Determined to take a stand, Dr. Sarah Shepard along with Karsten Ingvar, an elite soldier begin to track him down. Together, they plan to take out this elusive menace and cure the disease he created.

3.  giveaway from Lily Lamb that will be sent directly to your kindle BARBATUS by A Drew , Lily Lamb 

Barbatus was an all-powerful handsome shifter, living far away from human society.
Aylin, a beautiful very ill woman with a checkered past, frantically escapes from the fury of a township.
Fate steps in and throws them together, as they are taken through a journey which will test their personal strengths, both mentally and physically. The bond that they share will not only inspire but also influence an entire generation.

4. giveaway from Amelia Hendrey that will be sent directly to your home (Address required giveaway from Amelia Hendrey that will be sent directly to your home (Address required)

What Nobody knew by Amelia Hendrey 

My story begins aged 3, when my mother abandoned me and left me with my brutal father to raise me. Nobody knew the secrets that went on inside that house, or the journey that I travelled on after leaving it, until now. This is the story of my survival.

What do you do when no one wants you?

How many people need to destroy a child until that child wants to destroy herself?

What if social services always got told a different story?

What would you do if you were in my position?

Survival is key.

5. giveaway from Ashlee Shades  that will be sent directly to your home (Address required)

Timeless Love by Ashlee Shades  

One moment, Cassandra’s standing in line to purchase gifts for her sister and her new niece; the next, she’s waking up in the bed of an angry 19th-century Duke.

What begins as a battle of wills soon turns into a struggle of emotions as Cassandra finds herself falling in love with the Duke. Will she make it back or choose to stay with the man she has come to love?

6. Jayne Wheatley that will be mail to you (address require) WINNER HAS CHOICE OF ONE JaynesBeanieTabs FROM THE JAYNE STORE https://etsy.me/2Fx6WlI

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