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This Time

This Time
Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter Book 1
by Azaaa Davis
Genre: Urban Fantasy
When demon hunting is outlawed, it’s time to resurrect a legend.
Not even death can stop her.
Fearsome demon hunter Nadira has been torn from her next life and resurrected in present-day New York. The demons she once battled have made peace with humans. Or, so they claim. But brawls between demons and humans are becoming more frequent, and human leaders are disappearing.
Tasked by the shadowy organization that trained her, she must battle her own personal trauma and once again fight for the souls of mankind. Will Nadira remain a beacon of light to those fighting for humankind? Or will she lose her humanity to the darkness within?
Don’t miss This Time―the first novel in the
Nadira Holden, Demon Hunter series―by author Azaaa Davis!
Azaaa Davis is a writer of urban fantasy novels.
She fell in love with reading as a high school freshman and continues to read, write, and draw today. Her background in social work helps her portray realistic characters in fantastic–and sometimes terrifying–situations. A New York native, Azaaa currently lives in New Hampshire with her husband and daughter.
She debuts with This Time, A Nadira Holden Novel, about demon hunters, family ties and the magic of love.
Azaaa is working diligently to finish writing more fantasy novels while raising her daughter. Her next book is expected to be released in early 2019. Thank you for showing an interest in her stories!
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by E. Davies    TBR;

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Unforgivable (Accidental Roots Book 6) by Elle Keaton

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Cover Reveal

Soul Remains

 photo SoulRemains_Ebook_zps8sbocudd.jpg

Humorous Fantasy
Date Published: April 23, 2019

It’s Dark in the Old Country.

Where do goblins come from? Why do they only turn up in the Old Country, and why do they like swearing so much? In the second book of Terribly Serious Darkness, Sloot Peril—a “hero” who’s staunchly averse to heroics—goes looking for answers. Much to his chagrin, he finds them.

Everything changed after the Fall of Salzstadt, but try telling that to the people of the city, whose capacity for denial is unmatched. They have yet to acknowledge that Vlad the Invader cut a bloody swath through their city, that the dead are walking the streets, or that the Domnitor—long may he reign—has fled to wherever despots go on very long vacations while goblin infestations take care of themselves.

The worst of villains holds all of the power, unspeakable dark forces are on the rise, and everyone wants to kidnap the Domnitor—long may he reign—for their own nefarious ends. If all of that weren’t bad enough, Sloot’s got the fate of his own soul to worry about.

Can his girlfriend help him save the Old Country from annihilation? Is Myrtle really his girlfriend? If all goes well for Sloot—which it never does—he might just sort it all out before the Dark swallows them all up.

About the Author

 photo author-photo-sam-hooker_zpsg6opc75h.jpg
Sam Hooker writes darkly humorous fantasy. He is an entirely serious person, regardless of what you may have heard. Originally from Texas, he now resides in southern California with his wife, son, and dog.

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Out of Mind

Out of Mind
Maximum Exposure Book 2
by Kendall Talbot
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Adventure
A love frozen in time . . .
Holly knew the romantic helicopter ride up to the remote peak of Whisky
Mountain was a bad idea. But she never expected it to snatch her
fiancé from her—or destroy her life. A few fiery seconds turn a
postcard-perfect morning in the Canadian Rockies into a snowy hell,
thirteen thousand feet above sea level. And in the midst of grief and
agony, Holly catches sight of a scene in the ice that will haunt her
until she can return and discover the truth.
Oliver Nelson could see the stranger had a mystery inside her. The scars on
her face, the pain in her eyes, the insistence that he teach her
completely alone—no one
needs to
learn rock climbing, or so he thought. But the more he gets to know
her, the more he admires her drive, her ingenuity, and that little
edge of recklessness. If she can trust him with her story, he’s
ready to follow her wherever her heart takes her.
But nature’s deadly beauty isn’t the only danger waiting for them on
Whisky Mountain. To survive, Oliver and Holly will have to move
fast—and think faster . . .
Out of Reach
Maximum Exposure Book 1
In a place where a city can be lost hundreds of years . . . they can
still find each other.
Lily saw the temple of Agulinta on television: a vast stone structure
swallowed by the Yucatan jungle, rediscovered only now after hundreds
of years. So why did the papers she found after her father’s death
show the same mysterious carvings that puzzled archaeologists at
Agulinta? Her search for answers pulls her to Mexico’s southern
border, where the journey to the lost temple will take her through
jungle and mountain, over waters home to crocodiles and drug runners,
and into uncomfortably close quarters with a man whose need to wander
has become a way of life . . .
Australian Carter Logan’s work as a nature photographer has given him the
excuse he needs to roam wherever his restless feet take him. But in
all the time he’s traveled, he’s never been drawn to anyone the
way he is to this determined, cagey young American. Lily’s
perseverance through dirt, sweat, and danger to the heart of the
ancient temple fires through him. But when the two of them are left
alone and stranded in a vicious wilderness, their connection might
prove the difference between life and death . . . if the secrets of
the past don’t come between them first.
**Only .99 cents!!**
Kendall Talbot is the author of the Maximum Exposure series, and many
other action/adventure stories. A thrill seeker, hopeless romantic,
and award-winning author of stories that’ll have your heart
thumping from action-packed suspense and steamy bedroom scenes, she
lives in Brisbane, Australia with her very own hero and a fluffy
little dog who specializes in hijacking her writing time. Meanwhile,
Kendall’s two sons are off making their own adventures—look out world
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The Weekend Getaway: A debut erotic short by E.S. McMillan


The Weekend Getaway
A debut erotic short
Stress…walls closing in…I need a break.
A normal getaway for peace and quiet turns into something unexpected between two.
The Weekend…



E.S. McMillan is a self-proclaimed Superhero. She is a mom to 4 amazing boys. Married to one of her best friends and has plans to take the world by storm. E.S. was born in California, raised in New York, and now resides in Connecticut. E.S. is a lover of the written word and cannot remember a time when there was not a book in her hand or an open notebook waiting to be filled with her stories.


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Oz (Finding Home Book 1) by Lily Morton
BLURBWhat happens when temporary becomes forever?
Oz Gallagher does not do relationships well. Bored and jobless after another disastrous hook up, he decides to leave London for a temporary job in the wilds of Cornwall. Surely managing a stately home on a country estate will be easier than navigating the detritus of his relationships at home. Six months there will alleviate a bit of his wanderlust and then he can come back to London as footloose and fancy free as the day he left it.
However, when he gets there he finds a house in danger of crumbling to the ground and a man who is completely unlike anyone he’s ever met. An earl belonging to a family whose roots go back hundreds of years, Silas is the living embodiment of duty and sacrifice. Two things that Oz has never wanted. He’s also warm and funny and he draws Oz to him like a magnet.
Oz banks on the fact that they’re from two very different worlds to stop himself falling for Silas. But what will he do when he realises that these differences are actually part of the pull to one another? Will falling in love be enough to make him stop moving at last and realise that he’s finally home?
From bestselling author, Lily Morton, comes a romantic comedy about two very different men and one very dilapidated house.
This is the first book in the Finding Home series but it can be read as a standalone.
AUTHOR BIOLily lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she got her Kindle.She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams, and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else would she get to spend her time with hot, funny men?She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – Chocolate Baileys!
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ReWined, Volume I by Kim Karr

ReWined, Volume I by Kim Karr is available NOW! “ReWined was such an adorable & funny & sexy & exciting Enemy-Wine-Families-Romance!!! Run to your nearest amazon for your own Tyler – this one is MINE!!!!” – BJ’s Book Blog

Amazon ⇢ ONLY 99c or FREE with #KindleUnlimited

From New York Times bestselling author Kim Karr comes a brand new dramatic comedy of forbidden love and second chances.

Life is short. Time is fast. No replay. No rewind. That’s my motto. And there’s nothing wrong with that. That is until the day I turn 27 and everything changes. Suddenly, I’m expected to… 1) Move back to my hometown. 2) Stop partying. 3) Take over my family’s winery. 4) And get married. Wait! What? That last one I didn’t see coming. I’m Tyler Justin Ryan Holiday III, Northern California’s most eligible bachelor, and I don’t do monogamy. It’s just a wild guess but I’d have to say that monogamy isn’t going to do me, either. My grandmother won’t listen to a word I have to say on the matter. And since the old battle-axe is still at the helm of my legacy, it’s not like I can blow her off. However, when she tells me whom she thinks will make the perfect bride, and then subsequently drops me at said bride’s door, I nearly lose my f*cking mind. Sure, dear old granny tries to sugarcoat the situation with a lot of glitz and glamour, but there’s no turning ash into fairy dust. Paris Elizabeth Hollis Fairchild isn’t only the ultimate party girl and terrible wife material, she’s also my sworn enemy. We loathe each other. We have good reason. And it isn’t because our families are competitors. Needless to say, I’m not surprised when the she-devil slams the door in my face—but it still pisses me off. Apparently, she doesn’t know me as well as she thinks. Doesn’t understand I’ve changed. Doesn’t realize her rejection only spurs me on—makes me want to tame her, claim her, make her mine. Then again, at 27 I’m no longer a lovesick teenager. I’m a grown-ass man with a big ego and an even bigger…never mind. Paris says she doesn’t want to know how big I am, in any sense of the word. I don’t believe her. Either way, it doesn’t matter. She’s a challenge I can’t resist. A temptation I can’t ignore. The woman I must have. We haven’t spoken in ten years but mark my words, she and I will be doing that and a hell of a lot more—very soon. Life is short. Time is fast. Replay. Rewind. That’s my new motto. And there’s no sugarcoating that. ***This is volume 1 in the Party Ever After series. Volume 2 will be released December 9th and Volume 3 on December 23rd.***


ReWined, Volume 2 releases on DECEMBER 9th! ADD TO YOUR TBR ⇢

ReWined, Volume 3 releases on DECEMBER 23rd! ADD TO YOUR TBR ⇢

About the Author: Reader * Chocolate Lover * Writer * Coffee Lover * Romantic * Beach Lover * Yoga Beginner Kim Karr is a New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of eighteen novels. Best known for writing sexy contemporary love stories, she enjoys bringing flawed characters to life and creating romances that are page worthy. Her stories are raw, real, and explosive. Her characters will make you laugh, make you cry, make you feel. And her happily-ever-afters are always swoon worthy. From the brooding rock star to the arrogant millionaire to the Football Player. From the witty damsel-in-distress to the sassy high-powered businesswoman to the boutique owner. No two storylines are ever alike. If Kim’s not writing, you can find her wandering through antique stores with her husband, trying out new fitness classes with her sons, venturing out to new coffee shops with her daughter, or with her nose stuck in a book. Link with Kim! Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Goodreads: Amazon: Newsletter:
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Surprising Their Mate by Kallista Dane

Surprising Their Mate (Tharan Warrior Menage 7)

by Kallista Dane
Available Now – Only $0.99
Buy Link –

Surprise them. Even as I said the words, I could hardly contain my own excitement. I wanted to surprise my mates, too. I’d have to come up with the perfect gift for them – and for Ceres.

“Tell me more about this ‘Christmas,’” my daughter said. “Why do we go outside and decorate a tree? And what do we decorate it with?”

“You don’t decorate it outside. You bring it in the house,” I explained. “And as for what we decorate it with…” I stopped. I had no idea. I tried to remember the illustrations I’d seen in an old book I found packed away in a box in one of the storerooms at the Institute. A poem called ‘The Night Before Christmas.’ I’d hidden it under my bed and read it over and over until one of the matrons found me with it and took it away.

“Um…colored balls and strings of berries. And cookies! We’ll bake cookies shaped like little boys and little girls. We’ll tie them on the tree with brightly colored strips of fabric.”


Her matter-of-fact question stumped me for a moment. “Well, because it’s tradition,” I said. “Wait a minute. We’re on a new world. We should create our own traditions. We don’t have to hang cookies on the tree. We can decorate it with whatever we want. Flowers, pretty rocks we find.” My mind was spinning with the possibilities. “I know what we can do! Ceres, you and I will pack a picnic and go on a treasure hunt. We’ll find special things that remind us of our new life here on Tharon to decorate with.”

The mention of going on a picnic spurred her into action. She waved a hand and the holographic screen she’d been doing calculations on disappeared. “Good. I’m ready for a break. Besides, if we’re going to make cookies, I’d rather eat mine than hang it up somewhere.”

Though she never speaks of her early years as a slave in the Arena, my adopted daughter still carries the scars of abuse and neglect at the hands of Bophe. I know she went to bed hungry so many nights that having enough to eat any time she wants is still a blessing to her. I should have realized the thought of having cookies hanging there in front of her and not being able to eat them would be almost cruel to someone who’d never tasted a sweet treat before she came to Tharon.

“We’ll make lots and lots of cookies,” I promised. “And you can eat all you want.”

She beamed at me, and I thanked the Goddess once more for bringing her into our lives. Growing up, I always wished for a family, and now I had one. Two gorgeous sexy mates who made me feel loved and cherished every day and a daughter who was incredibly smart as well as being the kindest, most courageous soul I’d ever met.

I vowed I’d make their first Christmas special for each one of them.
Buy Link –
It’s almost Christmas! Here’s my to-do list:

Bake cookies with my blue-haired daughter from another world. Check

Find the perfect gifts for my dominant oh-so-sexy cyborg mates. Double check

Explain holiday traditions to my alien family. Still working on it.

I never dreamed I’d be celebrating Christmas for the first time on a strange planet halfway across the galaxy.

Growing up back home on Earth, it was just another day. After my parents died, the Institute fed me, clothed me, educated me. But the administrators didn’t believe in coddling their charges. There was no Santa Claus, no tree. And definitely no presents.

Maybe that’s why I’m determined to make my first Christmas with my new family special. So far, the cookies I’ve baked either look bad or taste awful. And my warrior twins would rather have kinky Tharan sex with me than shop for gifts or make ornaments to hang on a tree.

Don’t get me wrong. I happen to love kinky Tharan sex. But I’m still learning how to be a proper submissive mate, so I spend a lot of time bending over with my skirt pulled up while my alien mates turn my bottom cheeks as red as Santa’s hat.

Who knew celebrating Christmas would be this hard?
Buy Link –

USA Today Bestselling author Kallista Dane’s steamy romances have hit #1 in Amazon’s Sci-Fi and Western Erotica as well as making the bestselling lists in Sci-Fi Romance, Historical Romance, Contemporary Romance, and BDSM.

She combines eroticism with adventure and intrigue, weaving tale of strong, independent women tangling with the hot Alpha and Omega males who appear in their lives when they expect it least but need them the most.

Kallista loves gardening, chocolate, traveling, chocolate, scuba diving… and did we mention chocolate? She likes to say she’s a little like Goldilocks – she’s lived in northern Michigan, where it is way too cold and the Florida Keys, but that was way too hot. Now she makes her home in North Carolina where it’s (usually) just right!

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Soul Food by Michelle Gross

Title – Soul Food: A Steamy Paranormal Love Story
Author – Michelle Gross
Genre – 18+ Paranormal Romance
Release Date: November 25, 2018
With no choice, a human bargains her soul for ten years of music and song.
With no time for anything beyond her dream, Ruth Thomas becomes a worldwide sensation, never knowing love or appreciating lust until she finally meets the mysterious president of Black Hearts, Amit Kingston.
In a game of seduction, Ruth thinks she can enjoy a moment of lust, if only once, before the demon comes and devours her soul. Only the demon makes touching men impossible and getting Amit Kingston to crack is a job itself.
The demon doesn’t just own her soul. He controls every aspect of her life, including her fragile heart and her body’s desires.
Worst of all, Ruth doesn’t realize how close the demon really is.
Crimson eyes blinked from the shadowy man. There was a shimmer in his silhouette, like maybe he was moving closer. There was no mouth or eyes. Nothing. Just a shadow with burning red eyes.
“Your soul sang to me, Ruth. It’s why I’m here.”
I shivered. “Please,” I begged, then closed my eyes. “This can’t be real.”
“But I am,” he responded.
My eyes popped open. “What are you?”
“A demon. A soul reaper.”
Michelle is from a small town in Eastern Kentucky where opossums try to blend in with the cats on the porch and bears are likely to chase your pets—this is very true, it happened with her sister’s dog. Despite the extra needed protection for your pets, she loves the mountains she calls home. She has a man and twin girls who are the light of her life and the reason she’s slightly crazy.
As a kid, she was that cousin, that friend, that sister and daughter, the talker who could spin a tale and make-believe into any little thing so it was no surprise when she found love in reading, and figured all these characters inside her head needed an outlet. They wanted to be heard, so she wrote.
The voices keep growing faster than she gets the time to write. 
The stories are never going to end. That’s perfectly okay, though. We never want to stop an adventure. 
She writes and loves many different genres so sign up to her mailing list to keep updated on her releases!