Notes of Love


My  Angel
My love I know you are here with me. I feel you as you wrap me in your arms, your protective wings, and hold me close, let me know I am not alone. I have always felt safe, loved, treasured and adored, even now as I am here, now in this secret place with you, I know I will be always. In life, you were my King and I your Queen, and not even death can separate our great love.

After falling in love with my beautiful man, with his heart of gold, I wrote many poems and verses about the love that overflowed from my heart… about the years of loving him. I never dreamed I’d put my private words of love and devotion into a book. The poems and verses in this volume are sensual, romantic and real… In dedication to my True Love, who passed away and took my heart with him… These words are my way of honoring him…

My love for you will never die.

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Laura Batton lives in Oregon but is a California girl at heart where she is originally from. She is a romantic at heart and enjoys writing sweet and spicy poetic poems and stories. A dream come true for her.  This is the beginning of her adventures.







When our eyes met I felt magic conspire

I felt such sudden desire

When you spoke the words “Hello beautiful”, with that

smile so divine

I wondered, is it possible you would be mine?

We talked a bit, walked down to the sea, and soon


You kissed me softly

Something magical happened on that fateful day

I said to myself, this is surreal, yet come what may

I believe in the heavens above, the angels sent my one

true love


to the soul, that day I became whole.

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