December MM Author Takeover Event (12/14-12/16)

December MM Author Takeover Event (12/14-12/16)
Clink on the link to join! ๐Ÿ‘‡

December 14
8:00 AM Laura Andrews
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Andrew Grey
11:00 AM Kathy Griffith
12:00 PM Quin Perin
1:00 PM C.M. Valencourt
2:00 PM Susan E Mac Nicol
3:00 PM Brea Alepoรบ
4:00 PM Megs Pritchard
5:00 PM Dani Gray
6:00 PM JM Wolf
7:00 PM Morticia Knight
8:00 PM CJ Baty
9:00 PM Nanee McGee
10:00 PM Pierce Smith
11:00 PM Elle Keaton

December 15
7:00 AM Ana Newfolk
8:00 AM Reese Knightley
9:00 AM April Kelley
10:00 AM Susan E Mac Nicol
11:00 AM Claire Castle
12:00 PM Annabella Stone
1:00 PM Vicki Locey
2:00 PM G.R. Lyons, Author
3:00 PM Helena Stone
4:00 PM Meg Bawden
5:00 PM Wendy Rathbone
6:00 PM BL Maxwell
7:00 PM Jacki James
8:00 PM Jennifer Rose
9:00 PM Neve Wilder
10:00 PM Lisa Oliver
11:00 PM Zoe Piper

December 16
7:00 AM
8:00 AM
9:00 AM
10:00 AM Leona Windwalker
11:00 AM Author Layla Dorine
12:00 PM JJ Harper
1:00 PM M.M. Wilde
2:00 PM CA Starr
3:00 PM Lynn Michaels
4:00 PM Katerina Ross
5:00 PM Cara Dee
6:00 PM Connor Crowe
7:00 PM Lorelei Hart
8:00 PM Gia Reaves
9:00 PM Leyla Hunt
10:00 PM Shea Balik
11:00 PM Nic Starr

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Mission Statement For nearly four years, Book Review Virginia Lee has been a significant part of the book community. Our goal is to help in sharing the love for all Indie Authors and their books. Itโ€™s hard enough for authors to launch their dreams of writing that jewel in literature and it is our hope that we can help you achieve that objective. Are you looking for help with the launch of your new book? We can help you to promote your book through the provision of a variety of professional services including but not limited to, Author Spotlight, Sunday Shout out, Monthly Takeover events (Takeover Group) and Banner competitions. If you would like to receive more information about being showcase on our blog or for Sharing your book. Please contact by email or send us a PM.

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