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Black Edge Series

Black Edge
Black Edge Series Book 1
by Charlotte Byrd
Genre: NA Dark Contemporary Romance
I don’t belong here.
I’m in way over my head. But I have debts to pay.
They call my name. The spotlight is on. The auction starts.
Mr. Black is the highest bidder. He’s dark, rich, and powerful. He
likes to play games.
The only rule is there are no rules.
But it’s just one night.
What’s the worst that can happen?
Black Rules
Black Edge Series Book 2
We don’t belong together.
I should have never seen him again after our first night together.
But I crave him.
I’m addicted to him. He is my dark pleasure.
Mr. Black is Aiden. Aiden is Mr. Black.
Two sides of the same person.
Aiden is kind and sweet.
Mr. Black is demanding and rule-oriented.
When he invites me back to his yacht, I can’t say no.
Another auction. Another bid.
I’m supposed to be his. But then everything goes wrong….
Black Bounds
Black Edge Series Book 3
I don’t belong with her.
Born into darkness, life made me a cynic incapable of love.
But then Ellie waltzed in. Innocent, optimistic, kind.
She’s the opposite of what I deserve.
I bought her, but she she stole my heart.
Now my business is going up in flames.
I have only one chance to make it right.
That’s where it happens…something I can never take back.
I don’t cheat on her. There’s no one else.
It’s worse than that. Much worse.
Can we survive this?
Black Contract
Black Edge Series Book 4
They can take everything from me, but they can’t take her.
Mr. Black is coming back. With a vengeance.
I need you to sign a contract.”
What kind of contract?”
A contract that will make you mine.”
This time she’s going to do everything…
Black Limit
Black Edge Series Book 5
Is this the end of us?
I found a woman I can’t live without.
We’ve been through so much.
We’ve had our set backs. But our love is
stronger than ever.
We are survivors.
But when they take her from me at the altar,
right before she is to become my wife,
everything breaks.
I will do anything to free her.
I will do anything to make her mine for good.
But is that enough? And what if it’s not?
Charlotte Byrd is the bestselling author of many contemporary romance novels.
She lives in Southern California with her husband, son, and a crazy
toy Australian Shepherd. She loves books, hot weather and crystal
blue waters.
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The Northstar by Elle Keaton

The Northstar: A Christmas Novella (Accidental Roots)

Author: Elle Keaton

Genre: Gay Romance

Pairing: Holiday

Release Date: 12/7/18



“John was back on his knees—a position he historically enjoyed, but not in this scenario, checking under Dumpsters in foul weather. An unfamiliar voice startled him from his brooding. The sound came from the other side of the container, near the alley door John had left propped open. Focused as he was on searching for the kitten John hadn’t heard any approaching footsteps.

Dammit, he’d hoped the kitten would come inside on its own a human person was more than he wanted to deal with. Without the marquee turned on it seemed pretty obvious, to John at least, that the theater was closed, and why would anyone but him be back here in the alley? A chill ran down his spine. Was he about to get jumped? A bit hysterically, he wondered if his boxers were clean like his mother had always warned him they should be, just in case. But what hoodlum would call out a hello first? He was such an idiot.

After unsuccessfully searching the hallway and places the kitten could have gotten to inside, he’d come back outside to look more diligently, thinking he couldn’t see it because it was hiding under the other side of the container or it had found a box or something.

“Hello?” the voice repeated coming closer. “Are you all right then?”

A distinctly English accent, asking if he was okay—so he wasn’t about to be mugged and left for dead in a dark alley.

Carefully, John stood back from the trash container and turned to look over the top of it. It proved impossible for him not to stare at the handsome man waiting where he shouldn’t be. And, thankfully, he remembered taking a shower before leaving the house and putting on entirely clean clothing, including underwear, so he was good.

The stranger was backlit by security lights mounted on the opposite building, and John was standing a few feet away from him, but a trick of the light meant John could see his features clear as a sunny day. If he hadn’t been recovering from a terrible breakup and off men almost entirely, he might have thought an angel had decided John deserved a gift.

“Is there something you need?” he asked, attempting to shove aside his immediate attraction to the dark-haired man standing in his alley.

The man contemplated John for a moment before replying, “No, I think I’ve found it. I may have something of yours, however.”

Lord save him, the man had a smooth, deep voice and an English accent.”


“Lips softer than he’d imagined pressed against his own. It had been so long since he’d been kissed that John had forgotten how much he enjoyed it, how much he craved the sensual touch of another man. The errant thought Not just any man: this man crossed his mind, but he shook it off.

Chance deepened the kiss and put a hand on John’s waist, pulling him closer. They each had a day’s growth of whiskers, and they caught against each other, tangling suggestively before loosening and releasing as they kissed. For a moment, John forgot everything and let himself enjoy the contact.

A knock followed by the front doors rattling brought him to his senses. John jerked away, shocked he’d allowed a complete stranger to kiss him, this compelling complete stranger. And not just kiss him, but kiss him well enough that he’d momentarily forgotten his own name. He discreetly wiped his mouth, pretending to himself his fingertips didn’t linger against his lips longer than necessary.”

““Well?” he asked. His voice cracked like a thirteen-year-old boy’s, and he cleared his throat, trying to hide his sudden nerves.

“I think you should taste it.”

“Oh.” Disappointment shot though him. It was that bad? Normally he was pretty good at making espresso at home. He reached for the cup.

“No, here.”

John was confused. He glanced over at Chance, who was abruptly right next to him. When had he moved from the barstool? The only thing there was the sleeping kitten. Next thing John knew, he was tasting the bittersweet coffee on Chance’s lips, from Chance’s mouth. And holy fuck, Batman, it was hot. Without a doubt it was the most carnal espresso John had ever tasted.

Neither of them had shaved or showered yet that morning. Aside from the earthy flavor of the coffee, John tasted Chance himself, his very essence. Indescribable yet immediately addicting: a human opiate.”

About Elle:

Hi there, I’m Elle Keaton and I hail from the northwet (hahaha) corner of the US where we are known for rain, rain and more rain. I write the Accidental Roots series, set here in the Pacific Northwest featuring hot mm romance and the guarantee of a happy ending for my men. They start out broken, and maybe they end up that way too, but they always find the other half of their hearts.

I started writing way back when but only began publishing about two years ago and now have seven (almost eight) books out. Each features a couple in my little universe, sometimes there is added mystery and suspense.

Currently, I am working on the ninth in the series as well as a mm paranormal romance. I’m dabbling with an m/f set in the same universe as Accidental Roots, featuring a character who has been around from the beginning who really needs her own HEA. Feel free to email me with questions about the series or my writing

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The Deadly Series


Title:  The Deadly Series

Author: K.L. Humphreys 

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Sale Date: December 5th – December 10th

Enter the world of Alpha males and their Kickass Heroines with this Romantic Suspense Series.

Book 1 – FREE – Deadly Hunt –

Book 2 – 99c – Deadly Obsession –

Book 3 – 99c – Deadly Past –

Book 4 – 99c – Deadly Encounter –

Book 5 – 99c – Deadly Mistake –

All available on Kindle Unlimited

★★★Start at the very beginning with Deadly Hunt★★★

A Middle East terrorist is loose in an American city and the death toll is rising. A group of former Army soldiers are determined to put a stop to him.   Sophia Dallas has recently been discharged from the Army after suffering at the hands of the enemy. On her journey to healing, she has finally started to live her life, but the past never really stays in the past.
Nathan Slade, a former FBI agent, now owns his own P.I business, has taken on a case that could make or break him. In all the chaos, he meets the love of his life.
What happens when the man Nathan’s hunting also happens to be a man on the hunt himself – only his target happens to be the love of Nathan’s life?
Lives will be lost, leaving pain and suffering in the wake of destruction while Nathan and Sophia learn the hard way that the future is never promised -especially theirs 

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The Let Me In Series


Title:  The Let Me In series

Author: Jessica Marin

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Sale Date: December 3rd – December 7th

In anticipation of the release of Edge of Desire, the third and final book in the steamy and addictive Let Me In Series, Author Jessica Marin has placed the first two books in the series on sale starting December 3rd – 7th.

Book 1 – Heartbreak Warfare is FREE

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Book 2 – Perfectly Lonely is $1.99 also available on Kindle Unlimited

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 photo Conduits_FinalCover_zpshc6nrwde.jpg
Magical Realism
Date Published: December 3, 2018
Publisher: Transmudane Press, LLC

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

It exists in a long-forgotten corner of the American dream.

Green Valley County is home to murders and heroes, ghosts and jinxes, gods, devils, and even a pygmy Big Foot.

But the biggest menace is Jinx Jenkins and the string of bad luck he bestows upon the townsfolk.

Can the good people of Green Valley overcome this one man’s curse?

If you love the classic comic and magical realism, you’ll lose yourself in this piece of Americana.

Become a citizen of the City by the Shore and see how seemingly random occurrences come to shape an entire civilization.



Once, a poor, old woman lived in the foothills of Green Valley. Made old by the circumstances of her life. Mary Foster was known the county over as The Human Incubator, as she had been pregnant for the last 257 months.

Her pregnancy went as any pregnancy might. She received regular ultrasounds, took vitamins, and kept away from cigarettes and alcohol—save the occasional glass of wine.

Everything appeared to be right on schedule until her due date. Yet the baby never came. The doctors told her to be patient because these things sometimes happen.

So, she waited.

But the baby never came. When seven days passed without any change, the doctors decided to induce. To their surprise, the child held tight. The only course of action was to retrieve the child through C-section. The doctors put Mary under and sliced her open. The lead surgeon put his hands inside and was shocked to feel a bite.

A tiny hand came out and extended a middle finger.

The doctors had a single option: sew Mary back up. The child did not wish to be born. And so, the baby never came.

Holidays passed, children grew tall and strong, and Mary remained pregnant. Her life was thrown out of whack. And as the months and years ticked by and the child inside her grew, she found herself incapacitated. Soon, the burden grew too large for her to walk, and she needed to be wheeled around. Her diet changed, as did her bathroom schedule. She sold all of her normal clothes and spent a fortune on muumuus—the only thing that fit her belly. But worst of all, consumed with pain, she hardly attained a few hours of broken sleep each night. Mary was forced to move in to a nursing home where they tended to her needs.

The father was a one-night stand, a passing traveler on his way out west. She’d never got his name, let alone a number to reach him, but he might as well have not existed at all. Nonetheless, Mary habitually pictured and cursed his face. After a while, though, even his face faded, and she was left with a melting pot of emotions. Hatred and fear and anxiety and discomfort and frustration and happiness and love and lots and lots of pain.

At first, she referred to the baby as It. But after a while, Mary saw fit to give the child a name, so she called him Junior.

Junior aged within Mary, siphoning away her youth. Middle age brought her liver spots and wrinkles. Her skin grew thin and her eyes weary.

Hope had left her.

When the last drop of life was suckled and nothing was left for Junior to reap, the baby finally came. Fully grown with teeth and hair and a beard, Mary awoke one morning to find Junior at the foot of her bed. Despite his appearance, he had the mental capacity of an infant.

Mary spoon-fed him, scooping up the spittle and shoveling it back into his man-sized mouth. She changed his diapers and clothes and even gave him baths. And in spite of all her newfound hardship, Mary had never been so happy.

At last, she was able to stand and walk on her own—a thing she’d dreamt of whenever she did sleep. She could drink alcohol again. And although she never smoked cigarettes before, she started up, just because she could.

She had her body back.

Junior relied on his mother for everything. She cooked and cleaned and earned the money despite his fully capable body. For he was naïve to the ways of the world and, like any child, assumed all the world to be his juvenile right.

One day, old and withered and drained, Mary grew ill. She needed Junior to take care of her.

The man pouted and kicked and cried and cursed.

Dishes piled high, and clothes grew in heaps, soiled and stained. An odor fell about the place so foul, not even Junior could deny it.

At last, he realized the weight he must bear, so Junior picked up a spoon and fed his mother the way she once did for him.

He ventured out into the world and discovered, ever so harshly, that the world was not immediately his. Rather, it was up to him to earn his way and stake his claim. He found work, and in time, an appreciation for his mother took hold. Resentment gone, he realized Mary, with all her hardship, always did the best she could. And wasn’t that all anyone could ever ask?

The day came when Mary finally died, old and gray with a smile on her face and Junior at her side.

About the Author

 photo 10446570-10100736183120327-4616790942525536776-n_orig_zpssnpmys7k.jpg
J. Ryan Sommers has an MFA in creative writing from Columbia College Chicago. He and his wife recently left the windy city and relocated to Houston where Sommers teaches and continues to write. Sommers has been writing stories since he was a kid. He found it to be an escape at one of the most difficult times of his life, his childhood.

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Shadows and Sorcery

Shadows and Sorcery
Release Date: 5/28/2019

Amazon: Coming 5/2019

The blurb:
Danger and dungeons, swords and spells, sins and savories, and a dash of perilous ambitions await…

23 of today’s bestselling authors have joined forces to bring you some of the best DARK PARANORMAL and URBAN FANTASY in the genre.

Blaze a path into magical worlds filled with kick butt heroines, sexy alpha heroes, and dangerous quests. Inside these pages, you’ll find 23 edge-of-your-seat tales packed with cloak and dagger curses, forbidden sorcery, and thrilling magical romances!

Each of these fiery heroines, sexy shifters, witty warlocks, and more will provide a powerful display of unique gifts as you discover that not all dark magic is bad, things that go bump in the night can be fun, and sometimes, seeing someone in their best light happens in the shadows.

Fans of Patricia Briggs, Charlaine Harris, Jim Butcher, Sherrilyn Kenyon, and Karen Marie Moning won’t be able to put this down.

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Including Titles From:

USA Today bestselling authors Heather Marie Adkins and Alex Owens 
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J.R. Thorn and Lexi C. Foss 
Linzi Baxter 
Everly Frost 
Brea Viragh 
Dorothy Dreyer and Jenna Lee 
Emma Hamm 
Dani René 
Caleb Wachter 
S. Lawrence
Mikel Wilson 
Shakuita Johnson 
LA Kirk and Lyn Forester 
L.M. Adams 
Yumoyori Wilson and Elle Cross
D.A. Stein
Samantha Britt
C.C. Dowling 
Khardine Gray