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I’m a romance author and poet. I write love stories not formulaic romance stories.

His Second Chance Love By Sharon Johnson


He was a man who thought he’d found the love of his life, only to be left devastated when she chooses someone else. Not ready to take a chance on love again, but finally ready to move on after months of just existing; he unexpectedly meets a woman during a business trip to Toronto. She immediately captivates him and there’s an instant attraction between them. They begin a long distance romance and for the first time since his heartbreak, he thinks he’s found happiness again. Another woman he’s never given much thought to, other than being the annoying little sister of the woman who broke his heart, enters his life in an unexpected way. Soon after, they become friends through a series of unforeseen events and start spending more time together. One traumatic event may change everything he thought he knew about love and what he thought he wanted. Soon, he starts to fall for both women in very different ways. Follow him on his journey of love and forgiveness as he makes the choice of a lifetime, when he discovers, his second chance love. This is a standalone novel, no cliffhangers and a fairytale ending that will stay with you long after the book is over.


Amazon US → https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01C7DLIU8


Sharon’s been writing since she was 6 years old. She had one dream to become an author. Year after year the book never came, until the summer of 2013 when a two to three page idea kept growing. Soon after, it became clear, her characters had much more to say and their story was far from over. That’s how ‘The Chat Room’ was born. Eighteen months and a lifetime later, her dream finally became a reality in August 2015. Sharon’s other books include; ‘Perfect Moments’ a collection of short stories. “Life isn’t perfect, but moments can be” ‘The Eclectic Poet & Friends’ Volume 1 featuring seven masterful poets and friends. ‘Eclectic Poet My Voice’ ‘Partners In Rhyme’ co-authored with Ryan Baird ‘His Second Chance Love’ the follow-up book to ‘The Chat Room’ Both are stand alone novels with no cliff hangers. The Eclectic Poet & Friends Volume 2 with 7 incredible guest poets including: Iris Magyar, Lynn Wolff, Sandy Lawson, Cree Nations, Damian J Clark, Roux Cantrell and Ethan Radcliff She’s also co-author of the Letters Away Series written with writing partner Elias Raven Letters Away Korea will be out early spring 2019


Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/Sharon-Johnson-Author-Poet-1675818972688542/

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Angel’s Eye is the third part of my paranormal M/M series set in Prague. It’s a fascinating city where anything magical might happen, but sometimes it’s dark magic 🙂

The Sons of Gomorrah 3. Angel’s Eye by Katerina Ross


For Tristan Todorov, formerly a freelance magician and now a consultant on occult matters, living with an incubus turns out to be rather challenging. Not only because there’s little information on incubi, Gomorrah pleasure demons. Jarek, the one he has a contract with, has a fiery personality and a dark past, and sometimes he’s a mystery Tristan can’t decipher. When Tristan ends up in possession of an illegal artifact with peculiar powers, he hopes it might help him and Jarek to finally understand each other. Will it be a blessing indeed—or a curse that might put them both in danger?



Katerina Ross lives in Moscow and works as a journalist. She travels a lot, but always returns to her home city. In her opinion, it’s hugely overcrowded, but beautiful nevertheless.


Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100012647831003

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