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I write dark, twisted, taboo erotica and horror.

Cocksman By A.R. Vidal


Cocksman by A.R. Vidal This Dark Taboo Romance is intended for readers 18+ and may not be for everyone! It contains adult language as well as explicit, sick and twisted sexual conditions that may cause dizziness, hot flashes and some mild blindness as well as possible gushing. Some scenes may be disturbing and difficult to read or be considered offensive to some readers. I was a wolf, roaming the urban forest. A wild animal with the sexual appetite of a predator stalking its prey. Scouring the streets, savagely, ravaging my way into my target’s panties and breaking their hearts. Leaving them clinging to the thread of ecstasy in hopes, I’d come back to finish them off. I was too virile to be caged and too cold, too wild to be tamed. I took what I wanted and nothing or no one could stop me, that was until I met her….. Nina was the real wolf in sheep’s clothing. She was the monster, I was warned about long ago in childhood bedtime stories. But it was to late, I was in her manicured clutches and I think I like it.


Amazon US → https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07KR2TQ5F


A.R. Vidal, the myth the man(not really but sounded cool.) is an American author of Horror and Dark Erotica and Taboo. A.R. Vidal is the author of titles such as The Corners , Heart Shaped Box , Sin-dicate, Saliva and the banned Mercy’s PlayGround. Now despite what you’ve heard about him being raised by wolves, Anthony was actually born in Dallas Texas in 1976. His parents knew at an early age their son would be something special. His sick twisted stories he told the other children often landed Anthony in hot water but his parents kept believing one day. His insane story telling and imagination left more to be desired. His gift of mixing fiction and reality was hard for his teachers and therapists to swallow but his parents new the medication would only blind their sons talents. A.R. Vidal now has 6 published works and 4 indie pieces. A. R. VIDAL resides in Chicago and terrorizes everyone around him for fun. 


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