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Ruby Wrath: The Dwellers Below By Chris “C.A.” Storm


Death truly was a new beginning. Four Fomoire kings spent more than six thousand years imprisoned after being slaughtered by their own descendants, the Tuatha De Dannan, biding their time, rebuilding their bodies, and searching for someone to anchor them to the Mortal World. A young woman followed her nightmares, traveling to the Emerald Isle where she discovered that monsters are real, but even monsters fear those who Dwell Below—the Fomoire, beings older than humanity, older than the gods themselves. With a kiss, Patricia Kelly has bound four Fomoire kings to her, giving them a means of returning to flesh and blood after thousands of years of imprisonment; but it cost her life once, and now may cost her very soul. Thrust into a world far different than the one they once ruled, the Fomoire kings seek to regain their thrones and their power, but they must protect the one thing that keeps them from forever returning to the primordial chaos from which they were birthed—Patricia. Unfortunately, until she is completely soul-bound to all four of them, she is a vulnerability their many enemies are all too eager to exploit. They will do whatever it takes to solidify the bond before it is too late, but they are ill-equipped to deal with a stubborn, modern American-Irish lass whose emerald eyes reveal new depths, and new strength. Following her nightmares has led her this far…where will they lead her next? The sequel to Emerald Ire, Ruby Wrath is the second book of The Dwellers Below saga. This series is intended for mature audiences, with adult content, heroines unafraid to curse like sailors, alpha males that will say and do whatever it takes to win, and monsters that glory in their monstrous appetites. This novel is not intended for those who aren’t comfortable with adult themes, who are unwilling to push their limits, or those who are afraid of the dark. Please note, there are potential scenes that may cause disquiet or be a trigger for those certain people. Detailed warning provided within.

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Currently residing in Honolulu, HI with his partner of many years, C.A. Storm is the obvious pen-name for Christopher M. Coyle, a not-so-young-anymore graphic designer and former tabletop roleplaying game designer who finally got off his Irish derriere to make a serious go at writing novels. A former Yeoman in the U.S. Navy who has worked more jobs than he cares to remember, he grew up an Air Force BRAT, and being a bit of a Traveler at heart, has been lucky enough to live all over the world. He tries to bring that expansive world view and love for all things strange and unusual to his writing. An avid reader from an early age, he got hooked on romance novels early on, and those mixed with horror, science fiction, and fantasy novels, as well as his Irish/European heritage, found solace in a love of the mythology, languages, the supernatural and paranormal. A firm believer that love can wear different guises and come in many different forms, he writes stories that mingle his fascination with history and legends along with a belief that everyone deserves a happily ever after!


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