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🔥Paranormal Reverse Harems🔥
by LM Wilson

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Blazing Attraction: http://a.co/d/5oIJwsl
Cursed In Love: http://a.co/d/48Rn0sK
Lost Among the Lies:http://a.co/d/gsEhrNT

➡Blazing Attraction:
My name is Emberly Celosia. I’m not your ordinary person; I know that, but there are times, like now, where I wish I was. I would love to be able to have a boyfriend, without burning him alive during the night. I’m twenty-four and stuck in a rut. I wake up every day and put out fires. I go to work and put out fires. I come home, eat dinner, and then repeat the same thing over again the next day. My life is hell, fire and hell.
Until I meet three guys, who turn my life into a worse chaos than hell would be. They drive me crazy, turn me on and leave me questioning everything I’ve ever known.
Can I trust them to help me find out the truth?
Will they too betray me?
Or can they stand the heat and finally give me a chance at love?
Blazing Attraction is the first in the Blazing Ember Series
This is a Reverse Harem, there will be a HEA with all the guys
Warning; Adult content and sex scenes

➡Cursed in Love:
♨Language Warning…♨
This is the start to a real adventure, a real life filled with college parties and hardworking students. The best part, or worst if you want to think of it that way, is that I don’t know a single person here.
College was supposed to be my fresh start, a chance to get away from my past and the pain. But College isn’t what I was expecting it to be, that’s for sure.
The problem with running away from your problems is that sometimes they find you anyway.
And sometimes, new problems find you.
Some of the problems that find me are the mix up with my assigned housing, guys who know what they want and aren’t afraid to take it and my past nipping at my heels.
My name is Jasandria Kildan and this is how I met my Harem and learnt that sometimes it takes more than two hearts to make a family.
If you like College drama, complicated love and Reverse Harem relationships, you’re in for an emotional ride with this book.
This is a Reverse Harem Contemporary Romance
This story was an emotional roller coaster to write and the people who have read it have cried, become angry and sworn at me for what the character goes through, my favourite quote about this book is; “I almost threw my phone.” And “This book had me feeling, actually feeling along with the character.”

➡Lost Among The Lies
My name is Ella Daniels,
I always thought I was normal, but when my parents go missing, things begin to become clear yet complicated in the most amazing ways. Finding my parents should be my first priority, but when I meet a new guy at school, things become so confusing that I’m left juggling the chaos of not only my life, but also those of the new guy and his friends.
I’ve come to realise, I’m not normal, I never was.
My past, present, and future collide in the strangest of ways, and I’m left wondering; Can I have it all or will it all come crashing down like the Hell my new friends are from?
This is an RH slow burn, with fantasy and magical elements, with a little bit of mythology thrown in.
Some scenes may be distressing to readers and some may leave you asking, “When will I get to read more?”
Recommended reading age is 17+

LM Wilson Author

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Sara has watched Natalie’s relationship with her men prosper, and she wants the same for herself. In a last ditch effort, she writes a letter to Santa asking for men.
Aleksi and Ivan have been marooned on the submarine for so long, they’ve lost track of the years. Magic has kept it running, but they are the only ones still alive. Ivan has had enough, and writes a letter to Santa asking to be freed of the submarine, even if it means death.
As their submarine approaches MAR, Sara must make a decision that will decide all of their fates. Will she risk exposing their refuge to the human world, or destroy it, saving them from exposure, but taking lives in the process?
Welcome back to MAR-Magical Alliance Refuge. Join Sara, Aleksi, and Ivan in this standalone adventure that proves that you’re never too old to believe in Santa. https://tinyurl.com/ycunb8at

Author Sofia Ann Hoffman


Micah’s Miracle by #AMSnead


After watching his mother die of a broken heart, Micah Rose fears that the events of his youth have damaged him, rendering him incapable of falling in love – Until an unexpected chance encounter ignites a fleeting spark of hope in his heart—only to be extinguished a moment later, leaving Micah more certain than ever that the miracle of love is a myth…at least for him.

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The Nymph’s Oath Book One by #LaurellEmilyGrey


The Nymph’s Oath, curse or blessing?

A yearly ritual where all nymph kind will go into heat, sending their sexual hormones into overdrive, but there’s a catch. If the females are not mated by the time they reach the age of thirty, they die tragically.

For years, Rose has been dreaming the same intimate dream with two men, only to wake up alone. Time is running out for her as the Oath quickly approaches, a death sentence reigning above her head.

Two men on a mission. Trent and Kraven are so close to finding their mate they can almost taste her. But will they be able to claim the woman that they were destined to be mated with?

Or will it all be in vain…

A lost cause.

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