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Finding Hope

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Title: Finding Hope

Series: Satan’s Sinners MC (Book 7)

Author: Colbie Kay

Models: Colbie Kay and KB Bennett

Photographer: Randy Sewell with RLS Model Images Photography

Designer: T.E. Black with T.E. Black Designs

Release Date: 12/28/2018

Genre: MC/Contemporary/Suspense Romance

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No one knows the demons I carry. No one knows the hell I’ve been through. Once upon a time, my life had been happy, perfect, and everything I ever wanted…until the day I lost hope. My cousin, Chatty, said I needed protection, so she took me to the Satan’s Sinners. I’m

not the one who needs protection though. The people I’m seeking revenge against need protection from me. Maybe after I find vengeance…after I find hope, I can be whole again. Romeo: Women. I should stay far away from them, especially after the last woman I loved almost got me killed. I say that, but then why am I entranced by the quiet girl who stays in her room? I know almost nothing about her, and yet, I can tell you every detail of her beauty. She’s a distraction that I don’t need; however, she’s my charge, and I’m supposed to watch her for the club. Her eyes tell me she’s hiding something. How far am I willing to go to find out who Tinsley really is?


The sun is just beginning to set when we pull into the parking lot. We step onto the sidewalk, but my phone is pinging like crazy in my pocket. I pull it out and continue moving while she looks at the water. As I’m replying to messages from Hanger, I hear her huff loudly. When I glance up, she has her hands on her hips, and she’s glaring at me. “What?” I ask confused. “All you did at dinner was have your nose in that phone.” She steps closer to me. “All you’ve done here is have your nose in that phone.” She shuffles even closer. My brow cocks and a grin forms. “You want me to put my phone away?” She mischievously smirks and bites her bottom lip. Before I even realize what’s happening, she snatches my phone out of my hands. “Tin, give me my phone back,” I sternly demand. “And if I don’t?” She taunts while holding it above her head. “Give me my phone.” I hold my hand out and roll my eyes at her ridiculousness. Her hand rears back, and she throws my phone in the water. “Oops.” “Oops?!” My eyes widen in shock. “I can’t believe you did that! I have to have my phone! The fuck am I supposed to do now?” I can’t miss the sounds of the guys behind us, cackling like teenagers.

She shrugs innocently. “I guess you should go get it then.” With all of her strength, she pushes me, and I lose my footing as I fall into the water, but not before grabbing her arm and pulling her in right along with me. Both of us are going under, and when we come up, she’s laughing harder than I’ve ever heard, and it’s a beautiful sound. I start laughing with her, lifting my arms to dunk her again. When she comes back up, I tug her close to me, our eyes searching one another’s as our laughter dies. Without even thinking, my lips smash against hers.

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About the Author:

Colbie Kay always had a love for reading and wanted to pursue writing. In 2015 she made that dream come true when she published her first book. Since then she has become a stay-at-home mom, writing full-time and bringing her passion to life through the words she creates. The most fulfilling part of being an author for Colbie is to take readers into a fantasy world between the pages of her books. Becoming an author has also given her the opportunity to fill another passion of hers, which is traveling. She loves being able to attend book signings and meeting everyone that shares her love of books. Colbie has many more stories to share with you, so be sure to connect with her and keep up with what is coming next.

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