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Reverse harem, witches, bodyguards, shapeshifters, sexy-times with multiple partners, and a good laugh? Sound like your thing? Then check out Ivory’s Familiars by Montana Ash. It is now available everywhere! Check out the snippet and follow the buy links to learn all about Ivory and her men 🙂

“You don’t? Well, I’m sorry to hear that. Maybe this will change your mind,” he gripped her by the upper arms and lifted her until her lips were at the exact same height as his. She felt his lips brush against hers, once, twice. They were soft and so very warm, and she swayed forward as if hypnotised … only to jerk backward at the last second, averting sure disaster.
“Put me down,” she demanded, and was promptly placed back on her feet, “What is this? I’m not going to be the other woman. Besides, I can’t believe you would cheat on your partners,” she chastised, telling her foolish heart to stop its crazy beating. He shrugged, the action far too casual for her liking. She was beginning to understand why Seth’s laid back attitude pissed Vaughn off.
“It wouldn’t be cheating,” he informed her, unapologetically, “We’ve all spoken about it. If any of us were given the opportunity to be with you, it’d be cool with all of us.”
“Wait … You’ve spoken about it? You’ve all discussed what would happen if I gave you a chance at the goodies?” A part of her was thrilled, while another part of her was pissed at the sheer audacity. The pissed part was winning. She narrowed her eyes, “Let me get this straight, the three of you sat around like some kind of sugar daddies, talking about the best way to get into my pants? Without consulting me?”
Seth’s dark green eyes widened and he quickly looked around the room, as if he were hoping someone or something would save him, “Um …”
“I’m not some kind of sex toy, you know,” she informed him primly, despite the evil angel on her shoulder who whispered; please, please, please make me your sex toy, “I won’t be a passing amusement to three gay men who have suddenly decided they want some salad to go with their meat!”
“Meat? Salad? Say what now …?” he backed up a step under her feminine fury.
“You know what I’m talking about, mister. Maybe you’re all a little bored with your carnivorous diet – you want to try being omnivores for a while. Well, this lettuce leaf is onto you, buddy. And she’s not buying what you’re selling. I won’t be used – no matter how tempting.”
And it really was tempting, which is why she spun around quickly, leaving a shell-shocked Seth staring after her in total confusion.’ Copyright 2017 Montana Ash

Cass Manning is a serial monogamist, grad student, and identical twin to Paul, a drug-addicted prostitute. Fleeing his unfaithful boyfriend, Cass returns to Houston after years away only to be drawn into danger before he’s out of the airport.

When Paul dies under suspicious circumstances, Cass must rely on one of Paul’s clients, Kilo, a mercenary willing to protect Cass in exchange for sex. Together they have a chance to bring justice to the corrupt heart of Texas’s political power structure, but Kilo’s mysterious past may tear him from Cass when he needs him most. Even if they outlive their untouchable adversaries, how does a polite academic find lasting love with a soldier of fortune?

There’s a legend amongst members of the Wicked Throttle MC. Something that’s rooted deep into their DNA. Once a soul finds its other half, there is no going back. Only one option; Love and claim at first sight.

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Esther E. Schmidt

FREE thru January 1
GRIND—Happy New Year!
Remember bodies crushing together—remember your first grind? Raider craves someone to assuage the ache in his loins and Blaze St. John fits the bill. #LGBTQ, #Interracial, #MMRomance

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