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Virginia Lee’s Reviews > Once Bitten

Once Bitten (Welcome to Wheaton #1)Once Bitten by Preston Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Will has to settle the affairs of his late father, which didn’t want to have anything to do with him. Will is change from that last time he was in town, now a shifter. Will has some regrets about his best friend Ryder. we will be taken on journey of two that has feelings for each other but how to show that they want more then friends. cant wait o see what come in the next book. Highly recommend this book

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Thirteen Nocturnes

Thirteen Nocturnes
by Oliver Sheppard
Genre: Gothic, Dark Poetry
Combining lush Gothic lyricism with postmodern experimentation, Oliver Sheppard’s second collection of verse, Thirteen Nocturnes, presents a nightmare vision of a world in the grip of apocalypse and shadow–a world where “a nighttime of years never-ending” becomes “a darkness severe and unbending,” and where life is relentlessly “gathered up against the towering shadow of decay.” Taking cues from the dark Romanticism of Poe, the decadent Symbolism of Baudelaire, and the apocalyptic tradition of William Blake–as well as the existential doominess of 20th century cosmic horror–Oliver Sheppard’s Thirteen Nocturnes presents a verse vision of collapse, announcing a cold poetics of disintegration in the new dark age of the Anthropocene.
“Reading Sheppard’s poetry is a little like listening to a conversation between Nietzsche and William Blake during a showing of Peckinpah’s Cross of Iron. Using a wide range of forms and cultural references, Sheppard illustrates the human condition in ways that take as much account of its absence as its presence… Given the chance, Sheppard will lead you down dark and unfamiliar paths, to moments of weird beauty.” –from the foreword by John Foster
Oliver Sheppard was born in Nashville, Tennessee, and lives in Texas. Critical reviews of his poetry collections have been kind: “Like listening to a conversation between Nietzsche and William Blake while watching Peckinpah’s ‘Cross of Iron’,” reviews of his first book, Destruction: Text I, claimed. Garnering accolades from academia and punk zines alike, Sheppard’s work takes cues from the cosmic fatalism of Lovecraft and Thomas Ligotti, and combines that with the lush, Gothic lyricism of the Dark Romanticist tradition.
“Sheppard’s THIRTEEN NOCTURNES is gothic in every sense of the word; from the writing style, the themes, to Oliver’s own influences. Without a doubt, this bountiful collection raises the bar for contemporary gothic poetry. It’s rare in this day and age to find poetry written in a manner as sophisticated and profound as this. But here, Sheppard combines a down-to-earth modernism with older styles that make for a fanciful and unique experience for the reader.”–Sar Blackthorn, CVLT Nation
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Now Available

The Quest

The Quest

Book 2 of

Illusional Reality duology.

YA romantic fantasy the exciting concluding part of Illusional Reality.

Published by Asteri press http://bit.ly/TQPPAM – The Quest Amazon.com – Paperback http://bit.ly/pptquk – The Quest Amazon.UK – Paperback

Karina is a prolific writer and has had 8 books published in various genres. It was her love of Tolkien and Pullman that Karina wrote her romantic fantasy, Illusional Reality, which has turned out to be her bestseller. Readers have taken Thya and Alkazar into their hearts.


When Hati, notices a Tsinian crystal glowing, she knows she must stick to her word and return to her homeland as Thya. Knowing her kinsmen needed her, there was no hesitation. Even though there was more to lose than just her life.

Once more a prophesy was given that informed the reader of oracles, that only Thya could stop the war and save not just her people, but the rest of Enumac from Kovon’s psychotic future plans.

Along with three other companions, Thya is sent on a perilous quest to locate a dark crystal which holds evil known as the Dark Force. The group are tried and tested throughout their journey by monsters, death and courage. New friendships will be formed and other lost. Thya’s power becomes stronger and a second will threatens to take over her mind body and soul.

A terrifying surprise waits for them in the city of Helkon. Will they survive. Will Thya return to Tsinia and for the final showdown with Kovon. Find out by reading the thrilling concluding part of Illusional Reality.

The only film that grabbed my attention and held me there with an open mouth, was the amazing Lord of the Rings trilogy. They said that whoever took that 3-book fantasy on, had to be crazy. Peter Jackson wasn’t crazy, but he was a hobbit in his heart. His vision and attention to detail just made this magical film pop. It was after watching the first film, Fellowship of the Ring, that the story of Becky and her magical adventure took place in my mind, heart and soul. By the time the 1hr journey from the cinema had ended I had the names, plot, conflicts, storyline, everything written in my head. and then as most writers know, once you’re in the “zone” there is no stopping you. By the time the second film, Two Towers, book two, The Quest was again plotted in my mind and it didn’t take long to get the first draft on paper.

“The Quest by Karina Kantas is the sequel to her book Illusional Reality. Becky is once again pulled from England back to the world of Tsinia where she is The Princess. Thya is Becky’s name in this astonishing fantasy world. Thya is the only one who can save her people and their land. They have been forced to leave their magical land and live in caves to survive. The world along with the characters are fleshed out even more with the addition of more monsters and characters and magic. You travel with Thya and a couple others through trials and tribulations which are expertly created to make their Quest either successful or a failure. Her magic becomes even stronger but alas there is a dark side to it that she has trouble controlling. This is a definite page turner. You will become completely invested in Thya and her companions surviving and making it back to Tsinia. The action is nonstop as Thya and her companions run into many intriguing problems. I loved both books. If you like fantasy worlds that take you away these are just the books you need.”

Karina Kantas is the author of the popular OUTLAW series. Thrillers involving outlaw motorcycle clubs and the highly rated romantic fantasy ILLUSIONAL REALITY She also writes short stories and when her imagination is working over time, she writes thought provoking dark flash fiction. There are many layers to Karina’s writing style and talent. As is displayed in her flash fiction collection, Heads & Takes. And in UNDRESSED she opens up more to her fans. Giving them another glimpse of her warped mind. When Karina isn’t busy working on her next best seller, she’s runs affordable indie author services. KKantas AuthorAssist. Social Media Consultant, Book Trailer designer, Narration, Branding and Logo design, Marketing and Promotion Manager, design and VA. Karina writes in the genres of fantasy, romance, sci-fi, horror, thrillers and comedy. Her inspirations are the author S.E.Hinton and the rock band Iron Maiden. You can find her on Facebook and Twitter, where she loves hanging out with her readers. Titles to date: ***The OUTLAW series*** In Times of Violence Urban thriller Huntress MC thriller/romance Lawless Justice Vigilante MC thriller Road Rage MC thriller ***Collections*** Heads & Tales 28 short and flash fiction in all genres UNDRESSED Collection of poetry, prose and flash fiction

Stone Cold YA Supernatural thriller Illusional Reality Romantic fantasy ***Coming soon*** (maybe) Broken Chains (MI5 thriller) Predator (erotic horror)

http://bit.ly/FBFPKK FB fanpage http://bit.ly/INSTKK INSTAGRAM http://bit.ly/TwittKK TWITTER http://bit.ly/BLOGKK BLOG http://bit.ly/KKGRE Goodreads http://bit.ly/KarinaKantas Amazon author page http://bit.ly/IRFBPAGE FB Illusional Reality book page

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Buy The Quest in paperback and get the eBook of book one of Illusional Reality for free. http://bit.ly/TQPPAM

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City of Helkon

The door to the cell unlocked and Thya stood up. King Theon slowly entered. Almost cautiously. With his hands on his hips, he tilted his head and his eyebrows creased. The king pointed to her and then to a bowl that his servant held out. Thya peered into it and saw the same glittery substance that she had used in the throne room. It seemed stupid to refuse him. She did as she was told and, once the spell touched her lips, Theon’s words became clear. “Rotate,” he commanded. She turned around as instructed. A Rant pushed her hair aside, exposing her bare back and neck. “Tis so then,” Theon exclaimed. Thya turned around to face him. “What is so?” He bent his head to the side, and his eyes widened. “You are not aware?” He stepped back. “Yet you possess the ancient emblem.” “What ancient emblem? Will you not reveal the significance?” She would not beg even though she needed answers. Theon’s sudden change of behaviour concerned her. His stance and facial expressions went from awe to surprise, then almost to fear. His head tilted again, and his hand rested on his chin as he walked around her. “Do you not comprehend your greatness? Do you not realize who you are?” “Of course, I am Queen Thya of Tsinia, Guardian of the Changlins.” “Have you not marvelled at the difference with yourself and that of other Ganties? Surely you have experienced strength and a will that cannot be bested?” “With certainty.” “You possess the emblem.” “What emblem?” “Upon your back.” “Tis naught but a birthmark.” “Nay, Queen. You are mistaken. The mark as you name it, is an emblem of exceptional greatness. I understand now why your thoughts were blocked from me. Immortality appears with a value. I wonder what you would bestow for the quest of eternal youth?” Nothing he said made sense to her but, before she could demand answers, the King jumped up and down and rubbed his hands like an excited young boy. “I will present you to the Bustak, as homage,” he said, rubbing his hands together as a huge smile etched on his face. His next words were foreign to her. The magic of the spell had worn off, so she just

stood and watched the Rant and the king communicate, hoping to get an idea of what was going to happen next. Theon grinned and patted the guard’s back. They spoke briefly and nodded their heads as they continued to stare at her. She wished she understood. Who or what was the Bustak? The name raised goose pimples on her arms, and the belief that this was, again, the end of the road for her returned. The guard led her from the cell and back into the palace. There were no shackles, no Rant gripping her arms. They walked beside her but kept glancing at her. She ignored them and concentrated on calling out with her mind. Alkazar, my love, where are you? She repeated it over and over, with no knowledge of whether he could hear her but, if he had, there was no answer.

http://bit.ly/TQPPAM – The Quest Amazon.com – Paperback http://bit.ly/pptquk – The Quest Amazon.UK – Paperback

The Quest in e-book will be released 14th February 2019.

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Eastern Shore Swingers

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There’s a secret club in Ocean City, Maryland, where swingers from all over the mid-Atlantic converge every weekend to frolic and play in its many themed rooms. Welcome to the Factory, where in the midst of all the fun, there’s always a romance blossoming, sometimes where you least expect it.

Book 1: Fisher of Men (Cap & Leah’s Story – older man/younger woman)
Book 2: The Catch (Calvin & Paisley’s Story – interracial, younger man/older woman)
Book 3: Siren Call (Jessie & Sirena’s Story – interracial, F/F)


Virginia Lee’s Reviews > Deep

Deep (Masterson #2)Deep by Avery Ford
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second book in the series. They do not need to be read in order.
This was a story about second chance and airing out those issues that cause their break up in the past. Love how the characters were written that they showed us that if you believe hard enough you can over come anything. When Vance set his site back on his old boyfriend and willing to show him that he worth the risk. Recommend this book and series. Hope to see what come next in that little town to make every take a second glance

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A Trail of Honesty

 photo unnamed_zpsxiyjv2uz.jpg
Children’s Book, Children’s Social Issues
Published: October 2018

 photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Summertime is vacation time for the Angelino family, and the two Angelino boys are excited about their upcoming camping trip. They’re going to the local state park, where they can swim, go fishing, and look for wildlife!

Being on vacation doesn’t mean the boys have to be careful. An encounter with a sneezing deer provides their father with an opportunity to teach the boys about respecting wildlife and staying alert for danger. Knowing more about the park’s wildlife helps the boys have more fun while staying safe. They discover staying quiet and moving slowly makes it easier to see the animals and birds that call the park home.

At the camp, the boys have responsibilities like the rest of the family. When they neglect one of these responsibilities and lie about it, they wind up in trouble—and learn an important lesson.

Beautifully illustrated, A Trail of Honestyteaches children about honesty while explaining actions have consequences. J. A. Angelo’s delightful story is an ideal way for parents to use consequences to teach children how to be better people—not simply to punish them.

 photo unnamed 1_zpsfhhd1wv9.jpg

About the Author

 photo unnamed 2_zpsp1jwd21u.jpg
United States Army veteran J.A. Angelo believes strong family values build strong families. J.A. and his wife enjoy volunteering in their local school district and are leaders in various non-profit organizations catering towards children. They also donate to various national and local charities to include the Apraxia Kids, Wounded Warrior Project, and the Coalition to Support America’s Heroes. A portion of the book proceeds will go to these great organizations to help children and support veterans and their families.

J.A. Angelo is originally from Zanesville, Ohio and currently resides in northern Virginia. He is a dad to three wonderful children – two daughters (16) and (10), and a son (7). He is also a devoted husband to his loving wife of 17 years. He is also the oldest of eight children – three brothers and four sisters. 

Some of our hobbies include spending time with our family, writing, donating time and materials to charities, and going to the beach.

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