New Release

Trusting in You

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Trusting In You (In You Series Book 2) by #SammiCee
Blurb: Chuck ~ I’m blah blah blah Chuck. I may have the job I love, but everything else about my life is… well, boring. I don’t hook-up; I don’t do drugs; I don’t over-drink; I play by the rules. And the man of my dreams is unattainable. He’s gorgeous, stoic, and calls me Chuckles. He’ll never see me as anything but the kid he’s known since I was in high school.
Nathaniel ~ I’m happy with the life I have, but my past is something I’m not proud of. I do my best to protect those I care about with leverage only I have. That still doesn’t mean I’m good enough for someone as pure as Chuck. I see the way he looks at me, and if things were different… but they’re not.
What happens when one man’s get-out-of-trouble free card is no longer enough? Will he run like he has in the past or will he trust the person he admires most? Can a man who’s never seen a bit of trouble a day in his life devise a plan clever enough to save the life of the man he’s always loved?

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