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The Biker Baby


I’m so excited I can finally share with you the next “baby” book by me J. Chase and me!

On the run from the law, the last thing he needed was to fall in love.

Jake and Daisy will be heating up your Kindles on February 6th in The BIKER’S BABY! 
(and stay tuned for another baby book this Spring)

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A huge thank you goes out to Natasha Snow Designs for creating this amazing cover and Jules Godfrey for the amazing photography!

If you haven’t already read The Beast’s Baby, it’s FREE with Kindle Unlimited.
🖤The Beast’s Baby – Excerpt→


On the run from the law, the last thing he needed was to fall in love.

I’m a fugitive from justice. 
I need to be on my bike putting miles between me and a crime I didn’t commit.
But when a down-on-her-luck, barely legal beauty gets in my way, I don’t expect her to steal my heart. 
She’ll turn my world upside down and charm her way into my life until the only thing I care about is protecting her.
Even if that means saying goodbye.

He stole my heart with his tough attitude, washboard abs, and devilish grin. 
The way he ruled my body—he owned me, heart and soul.
But he’s dangerous, and now I’ve got someone else to protect. 
Jake’s daughter is a pint-sized version of the man I only thought I knew.
And if it’s up to me, she’ll never meet the man who abandoned us both.
I’ll hide my precious little secret, no matter the cost.

Coming February 6th!  

Cover Reveal

Chasing his Polar Bear

Asian winter fashion man in snow mountain landscape. Wearing white sweater and scarf and brown trousers.

So is Eli Mansfield!!!

Chasing His Polar Bear by Golden Angel is coming March 1st!!!

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Once upon a time, when she was betrothed and in love, Sheila Slater believed in fated mates, fairy tales, and happy endings. Now, one big heartbreak later, she’s a self-rescuing princess, kick butt fighter, and undercover extraordinaire. 

But to save the shifter world from the evil designs of Aiden Mansfield, she’ll be forced to reunite with her ex-fiance: Aiden’s twin brother, Eli. 

And when Sheila appears in Eli’s office, as stunning as ever and with all of the information needed to take down Aiden, Eli can barely control himself. She’s gorgeous, determined, and deadly. Her very presence tempts his bear, and he can’t stop thinking about finally taking a big, sensuous bite out of her.

What happens when these two put aside their past for the benefit of everyone’s future? 

This novella is part of the Big Bad Bunnies Series but may be enjoyed as a standalone. The timeline of Sheila & Eli’s story runs concurrently with Chasing His Honey Badger. 

Big Bad Bunnies Series
1. Chasing His Bunny
2. Chasing His Squirrel
3. Chasing His Puma
4. Chasing His Polar Bear 
5. Chasing His Honey Badger (coming April 1, 2019) 


Vicious City Series

Kitty’s crossed the wrong people, and now her life is is in danger. 
I have the power to save her. But I’m no hero.

She’ll pay her dues. 
Obey my rules. 
Kitty’s going to work for me. 

If she’s a good Kitty, she’ll be well compensated. 
If she’s a bad Kitty, my bed awaits. 

This city rewards the strong, punishes the weak, and destroys the innocent. 
So do I. 
Vicious Looks (Vicious City #1) Buy Links
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Book Tour

The President’s Daughter

The President’s Daughter
by Seelie Kay
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Be careful what you wish for because it just might send your life into
a tailspin from which you may not recover.
When presidential candidate Jamisen Powell meets volunteer Sarah Lee Pearson, he is shocked to discover her eyes mirror his own. But Sarah was raised by two loving parents and has no questions about her heritage. Instead, after their death, she merely longs to find an extended family. She becomes convinced that Powell could be a distant relative. Powell, on the other hand, has spent twenty-five long years haunted by the memory of a daughter kidnapped from her bed. He suspects Sarah could be his long-lost daughter. As both launch separate covert searches for the truth, Sarah is found by the estranged parents of the man who raised her. Suddenly, the truth will no longer set her free. It could destroy the happy memories of her childhood. Hang on to your seat, and more importantly, hang on to your heart, as one woman discovers the true meaning of family.
Seelie Kay is a nom de plume for a writer, editor, and author with more than 30 years of experience in law, journalism, marketing, and public relations. When she writes about love and lust in the legal world, something kinky is bound to happen! In possession of a wicked pen and an overly inquisitive mind, Ms. Kay is the author of multiple works of fiction, including the Kinky Briefs series, The Garage Dweller, A Touchdown to Remember, and The President’s Wife.
When not spinning her kinky tales, Ms. Kay ghostwrites nonfiction for lawyers and other professionals. She resides in a bucolic exurb outside Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she shares a home with her son and enjoys opera, gourmet cooking, organic gardening, and an occasional bottle of red wine.
Ms. Kay is an MS warrior and ruthlessly battles the disease on a daily basis. Her message to those diagnosed with MS: Never give up. You define MS, it does not define you!
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Forever Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne

Forever begins on February 12th! So mark your calendar for Forever Tomorrow by Haylee Thorne!!!




Mikaela Kingsley is finally reunited with the love she didn’t know she lost and has her precious memories back. But with the light, also comes the dark, and the realization that perhaps ignorance really was bliss… With his Lady finally by his side, Eric Hardwick truly has everything he ever wanted in life. But, unexpected additions to the Kingsley clan bring more lies, more deceit, and more turmoil than ever before, putting his world at risk. Eric discovers that once you have everything you want, you also have everything to lose. How far will he go to protect those he holds dear? Will good win over evil? Will love win over hate? Find out if true love reigns in Forever Tomorrow.


It’s #FREE for KindleUnlimited subscribers!!!

About Haylee

When Haylee Thorne isn’t writing her stories, she works proudly as a registered nurse in Kentucky. Haylee loves to read and watch TV (she may or may not be slightly obsessed with anime), and there aren’t many movies she has not seen. She’s known to enjoy a good glass of champagne, and can eat an unlimited amount of French fries (seriously, it’s a problem). When she has some free time (as in time not spend working or writing), Haylee loves spending time with her family and friends.

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Mixtape Anthology

Hold your boom box high – The Mixtape Anthology IS NOW LIVE! PRESS PLAY NOW FOR ONLY 99c!

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What’s more romantic than a love song? A mixtape full of them.

Twelve bestselling and award-winning authors have curated an anthology of brand-new, standalone stories inspired by love songs, featuring a foreword written by NYT bestselling author Laurelin Paige. Press PLAY on this limited-edition collection that’s guaranteed to make you swoon.


Elle Kennedy: “Always On My Mind” – Willie Nelson KL Kreig: “I Just Want To Be Your Everything” – Andy Gibb Leslie McAdam: “Think I’m in Love” – Beck Lynda Aicher: “Kiss Me” – Ed Sheeran Mara White: “All I Want To Do” – Heart Marni Mann: “S+M” – Rihanna Nikki Sloane: “Say It First” – Sam Smith Rebecca Shea: “Thinking Out Loud” – Ed Sheeran Saffron Kent: “Guys My Age” – Hey Violet Sierra Simone: “Hallelujah” – Jeff Buckley Veronica Larsen: “Say You Won’t Let Go” – James Arthur Xio Axelrod: “Toothpaste Kisses” – The Maccabees


“It was such a great read! Don’t miss out on it!” – Wicked Quests of a Book Ninja
“Mixtape hits all the right notes!!” – Vixen Reads
“This one has something for everyone. You get M/M, F/F & M/F too. The heat levels varied between stories but all were page turners for me.” – Claypot Reads
“Loved the idea of this. Songs that make a story! All. In!! All of these authors are awesome story tellers, and to have them all in one book was just phenomenal! Most definitely a One-click book! Every story was great.” – Kelly, Goodreads Reviewer


Cover Reveal

MAC by Lisa B. Kamps releases on February 27th!

He’s going to fall hard for love…
MAC by Lisa B. Kamps releases on February 27th!
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The men never back down to danger, but always fall hard for love in the Cover Six Security series by USA Today Bestselling Author Lisa B. Kamps.

Gordon “Mac” MacGregor swore an oath to protect and defend–an oath he continues to uphold as a former Army Ranger. Now he specializes in dark ops private security with Cover Six Security where danger is a still constant companion–and one of the few things that make him feel alive. But he doesn’t expect that danger to come in the form of the Tabitha “TR” Meyers, the only woman who sees him for who he truly is–and the only woman he’s ever sworn off.

TR rarely abides by the rules, not when there’s something she needs. And right now, she needs Mac. She enlists his help for one night, thinking she can simply walk away when it’s over. But that one night is just the beginning, thrusting both of them into a dangerous web of scandal and cover-up with roots that run deeper than either of them expects.

When TR becomes an unwitting pawn in a game of deception and revenge, Mac will do anything to protect her–even if it means risking his own heart.

Book Tour

The Seidr Cycle

Dolor and Shadow
The Seidr Cycle Book 1
by Angela B. Chrysler
Genre: High Epic Fantasy
A great power has awakened within Princess Kallan.
To keep the princess hidden, she is taken to Alfheim; her abilities suppressed and her memory erased.
Years later, Kallan inherits her father’s war, and vows revenge on the one man she believes is responsible: Rune, King of Gunir. But soon, a twist of fate puts Kallan in protection of the man she has sworn to kill, and Rune in possession of powers he does not understand.
Lost in the world of Men, the two must form an unlikely alliance to make their way home and solve the mystery of their past – and of the Shadow that hunts them both.
Praise for Dolor and Shadow:
“…a sweeping, epic novel… highly recommend it to all fantasy lovers.” – Erin S. Riley, author of Odin’s Shadow
“Angela B. Chrysler has brought world building to breathtaking heights with ‘Dolor and Shadow’” – Jay Norry, Amazon Review
“This is book one in a set that has the potential to become timeless” – Timothy Bateson, Amazon Review
Fire and Lies
The Seidr Cycle Book 2
War rips across the land of Alfheim.
As the Fae gods draw near, Queen Kallan’s strength is tested.
She follows King Rune, but the Shadow Beast caged within Rune’s body is writhing in hunger. Kallan’s newest companion, Bergen – the legendary Berserk – is determined to end the conflict in her life.
As the three come together, the truth buried in the past resurfaces. Now, Kallan must master a dormant power… or watch her kingdom fall to the Fae, who will stop at nothing to keep their lies.
Angela B. Chrysler is a writer, logician, philosopher, and die-hard nerd who studies theology, historical linguistics, music composition, and medieval European history in New York with a dry sense of humor and an unusual sense of sarcasm. She lives in a garden with her family and cats.
In 2014, Ms. Chrysler founded Brain to Books and the virtual trade show, Brain to Books Cyber Convention. A passionate gardener and incurable cat lover, Ms. Chrysler spends her days drinking coffee and writing beside a volume of Edgar Allan Poe who strongly influences her style to this day. When Ms. Chrysler is not writing, she enables her addictions to all things nerdy, and reads everything she can get her hands on no matter the genre. Occasionally, she finds time to mother her three children and debate with her life-long friend who she eventually married. Her writing is often compared to Tad Williams. Her influences are Edgar Allan Poe, The Phantom of the Opera, and Frankenstein.
Angela also loves writing, cats, reading, knitting, gardening, Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, coffee, BBC, baking, cooking, dancing, singing, anime, and smiling.
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2/1 February #BRVL Blog Tour Author Spotlight – Lila Mina

 This February Blog Tour is being hosted on Book Review Virginia Lee Blog

#BRVLBlogTour #AuthorSpotight


If you’re looking for unforgettable characters, sizzling hot action combined with an emotional roller coaster, all of it packed into an incredible trip to Japan, the TEMPER series is for you! An explicit paranormal romance, crossing over many genres (LGBT, BDSM, Multiracial), Book #1 TEMPER: DEFERENCE will be out on March 9 and will hook out right from the start.

Temper: Deference (#1 Temper)  By Lila Mina


Short-tempered Lana Martin is a workaholic consultant based in Tokyo. Not one to turn down a challenge, she accepts the indecent proposal of her abrasive martial arts instructor to become his submissive in a dynamic that tests her resilience. Spreading like wildfire, their affair lights up another blaze, this time between Lana and Honda’s wife, the sophisticated socialite Yuki. Fearless, Lana embraces what her two masters offer her. 
 Yet, unbeknown to her, their powerful desire rouses dark powers who waited for decades to claim their prizes. Lana must confront the enemy eating her from within, while pulling back Honda from the edge of madness. Yuki’s unwavering strength keeps them sane – but for how long? 
 A two-edged sword, the trio’s fiery passion will either destroy them or be the key to their salvation. 


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An avid reader of thrillers, science-fiction, horror and romance, I have been writing for nearly 25 years. Lila Mina is one of my pen names. I am a firm believer in cross-genre literature. Life is too complex, too rich and surprising to limit stories to one genre only. I love blending genres to create powerful characters, emotional plots and exciting stories that hopefully will stay a long time with my readers. My stories feature multiracial couples and sometimes menage who come together, bound by love and passion, to fight against forces bent on taking them apart. I live in Japan. The rich and beautiful traditions, the amazing nature and the long history of this country are a constant source of creative inspiration.


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