2/1 February #BRVL Blog Tour Author Spotlight – Lila Mina

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If you’re looking for unforgettable characters, sizzling hot action combined with an emotional roller coaster, all of it packed into an incredible trip to Japan, the TEMPER series is for you! An explicit paranormal romance, crossing over many genres (LGBT, BDSM, Multiracial), Book #1 TEMPER: DEFERENCE will be out on March 9 and will hook out right from the start.

Temper: Deference (#1 Temper)  By Lila Mina


Short-tempered Lana Martin is a workaholic consultant based in Tokyo. Not one to turn down a challenge, she accepts the indecent proposal of her abrasive martial arts instructor to become his submissive in a dynamic that tests her resilience. Spreading like wildfire, their affair lights up another blaze, this time between Lana and Honda’s wife, the sophisticated socialite Yuki. Fearless, Lana embraces what her two masters offer her. 
 Yet, unbeknown to her, their powerful desire rouses dark powers who waited for decades to claim their prizes. Lana must confront the enemy eating her from within, while pulling back Honda from the edge of madness. Yuki’s unwavering strength keeps them sane – but for how long? 
 A two-edged sword, the trio’s fiery passion will either destroy them or be the key to their salvation. 


Amazon US → https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07MBWK3R5


An avid reader of thrillers, science-fiction, horror and romance, I have been writing for nearly 25 years. Lila Mina is one of my pen names. I am a firm believer in cross-genre literature. Life is too complex, too rich and surprising to limit stories to one genre only. I love blending genres to create powerful characters, emotional plots and exciting stories that hopefully will stay a long time with my readers. My stories feature multiracial couples and sometimes menage who come together, bound by love and passion, to fight against forces bent on taking them apart. I live in Japan. The rich and beautiful traditions, the amazing nature and the long history of this country are a constant source of creative inspiration.


Facebook → https://www.facebook.com/TemperSaga/

FB: https://www.facebook.com/lila.mina.9887117, Twitter: @lilamina11, web: http://lilamina.com, Instagram: @lilaminaauthor

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