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★🔔★ Obsessed Bundle Coming Soon ★🔔★
By Quin Perin Releasing February 6th!

About a man, a musician, and a memory. All four parts combined in one bundle. With bonus scenes from Sebastian’s point of view, and more about Gabe and Meik.
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“This series really reaches me on a multitude of levels (…) it touches my heart and then reaches down and pulls at that dark part of me that few people have ever seen.” – Jeff, Amazon Reviewer

“Few pages later, I found myself hooked. Because holy shit, ain’t this a hot little piece? Boy, boy, boy…(…) If you write sex, write it like your life depends on it. If you make your character the biggest asshole, make sure he holds that title until the end.” – Russel, Amazon Reviewer

💫 A book bundle about love, lust, and loss. 💫

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