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An inspiring tale of love triumphing over evil. It has all the hallmarks of a qualitative story including, mystery, reader engagement and a surprise ending. It has strong threads of morality, wherein Greek mythology is delicately intertwined with fantasy themes to demonstrate how mistreatment of a person can have terrible consequences. The story highlights human fallibility and yet at the same time, it oozes with compassion, creating empathy for those who are perceived as bad or from the wrong side of the tracks, and showing that fairness and love can rise above all that chaos.

Born Into Chaos By Lily Lamb


Many centuries ago, he was born into a chaotic world and was shunned by Gods and Mortals. Shunned by the gods and the humans because of his lineage. He lived in isolation and filled with shame. As his resentment grew he no longer cared for anyone but lived by his own rules. One night, a feeling of wonderment reached every cell of his being. He didn’t understand his elation, until he sensed the gentle beat which beckoned him…giving him the will to wake up from a deep sleep. He sensed it was his last chance at redemption. It would lead to a deceptive fight for his sanity and future. Living has never been more deadly and costly… or fulfilling.

PURCHASE LINK  $2.99 & Kindle Unlimited

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Lily Lamb aka A. Drew is a Turkish Australian multi-genre indie author. She works as a nurse by day where she feeds her soul by caring for others. At night she tends to her imaginative alter-ego by writing tales involving love, passion, mystery and horror.


Facebook β†’ https://www.facebook.com/LilyLambwriter

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