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An Alpha for Two

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One closed off alpha, two emotionally scarred omegas…three men who make a beautiful discovery and will do anything to make it work.

All they have is each other…

Perry and Roberto are wounded, both survivors of terrible childhoods. They found refuge in each other but swore off real love, because real love only brings heartbreak. But one night at a swingers party, they catch a scent that neither of them can believe: a fated-mate alpha—for both of them?

All he has is himself…

After escaping his abusive, psychotic ex, Jedrik vowed to never let himself get hurt like that again. No more love. No more pain. He keeps his head down and works hard at his own custom furniture business. But when his assistant invites him to a “munchin” (aka. a swingers part) he decides to finally let himself have some fun. But he never expected to run into two scents that would change his life.

But maybe they can find love together…

Jedrik blows off the party immediately and takes Roberto and Perry home with him for a mind blowing night filled with lust and love. Fated-mates. None of them even believed it was a real thing—until now.

But the next morning, Jedrik’s crazy ex, Sasha, shows up and he’s mad. Having stalked Jedrik for months, he’s furious to see him moving on with not just one, but two omegas at his side. He and his new criminal friends vow to get revenge, and Jedrik realizes his new family is in terrible danger.

Having found his miracles, Jedrik will do anything he can to make sure his fated-mates are safe, but will he be able to protect them while completely outnumbered, and can the three of them make their unconventional relationship as beautiful as they know it can be?

An Alpha For Two is Book 2 in the SoCal Cuties Series from Aspen Grey and can be read as a standalone. Filled with juicy, MMM, Mpreg goodness, heart melting romance and Kindle melting steam, action and suspense but a wonderful HEA that will have you reaching for the tissues. Enjoy!