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Puppet/Master: An MMM+ Fantasy (The Vale Chronicles Book 1)Puppet/Master: An MMM+ Fantasy by Joel Abernathy
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you want to be taken to a world of all kinds of paranormal with some major twist and turn in the story. Love how the author was able to bring the story of the Vale with all the different creatures together. Now they are not always no the best of terms but that is what draws yo in and hook you to the book till the end. The main theme is what is the Chimeras & what can they truly do is an one guess. I fell in love with Arden, his character has had the worst luck in the world. But maybe there is a light at end of the tunnel for a different path for him to take. Cant wait for the second book to see what else will happen in the Vale with the Chrysalus. Highly Recommend this book and upcoming series today

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