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NOW LIVE!!! Bad Girl by Kailee Samuels is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

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NOW LIVE!!! Bad Girl by Kailee Samuels is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

This book is an elegant, finely crafted masterpiece.” – Amazon reviewer

a journey so incredibly intriguing that you just can’t put it down” – Amazon reviewer


🖤 A woman’s worth is priceless. 🖤

Love or lust?

I was a teenager when I ran away to Las Vegas determined to make it on my own. The choice was easy—stay for an ordinary marriage or escape for an extraordinary life. I took a chance on myself, trusted in fate, and boarded the bus bound for the unknown.

In the glitzy glamour of the showgirl scene, I entertained the famous, the elite, and the mafia. But what I never expected was the invitation from a mysterious stranger to land at my feet and invite me to explore my darkest desires.

With the mob hot on my trail, I decided to use my well-honed, entrepreneurial skills to advance my game and play a better one than their own. I wasn’t just another pretty face, but a cunning, ruthless bitch hellbent on getting what I wanted.

My name is Anna Ford.
This is my story.
And how it all came to be.


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