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🐺💖🐺 NEW PARANORMAL UNIVERSE 🐺💖🐺My Shifter Hero – Whispering Hills Book 2 by #TabathaAustin‎*********FREE ON KU********
Thanks to the betas that helped me with this. You all are awesome.
Lifetime comic book geek Truman Thompson knows that his future as a shifter depends upon him finding a mate. Without one, he can’t unlock his supernatural powers and rise to his full potential. But finding the missing half of his heart won’t be easy. His Asperger’s syndrome prevents him from easily understanding the feelings of others, and threatens to condemn him to a lifetime of loneliness and wasted possibilities.
Unless Luke Lancaster has his way.
Ex football star Luke had everything a young man could want. Athleticism, money, and even a career that fulfilled his heart’s passion for competition. His world is shattered when an injury left him with a mangled foot and knee, and he’s forced to earn money to care for his ailing mother by attending conventions as a washed-up has-been.
When he arrives in “Whispering Hills,” the mysterious town known for uniting soulmates, finding true love is the last thing on his mind. But there’s something about Truman that he can’t ignore… Could this lonely, comic-book obsessed omega be the love of his life, the man with whom he is destined to live happily ever after?
If only it were that easy.

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