Country Alpha City Omega

🐺💖🐺 NEW PARANORMAL UNIVERSE 🐺💖🐺County Alpha – City Omega – Whispering Hills Book 1 By #TabathaAustin‎*********FREE ON KU********
Thanks to the betas that helped me with this. You’re awesome.
“Being soul mates doesn’t mean you get along and never fight. It means there’s someone in your life who completes you.”
Alex has given up on love, and why shouldn’t he? As an ex-gang banger with a long list of enemies, he’s not exactly perfect husband material. He did what he had to do to stay alive, and if that meant running with a gang and tarnishing his reputation, then so be it.
But one day, after fleeing the gang that had given him protection for so many years, he comes across a magical town called “Whispering Hills,” where soul mates can seek each other out and live happily ever after… If they are willing to wait for each other. He finds himself drawn to this town as if by a supernatural force, where he meets Jake, who awakens a passion in him like none other.
The ghosts of Alex’s past will not rest easily, however. When a dangerous foe from his former gang rears his ugly head, Alex knows that both his love for Jake and his courage to start his life over will be tested to the limit.
Can love really conquer all?

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