What He Needs

🌟🌟What He Needs by Megs Pritchard🌟🌟 🌟🌟Book 1 in the Salutem series🌟🌟 Available in eBook and KU: https://buff.ly/2XjwZCt Being rescued was the start of a new life for Alex. He never thought he’d live through the abuse and torment at his captors hands, but somehow he had and now he was in a town called Salutem trying to recover. He wasn’t sure if he ever would. The things he’d endured, the things he’d witnessed cause nightmares that didn’t seem to fade when the morning sun rose. Some days Alex wondered if he should have been saved at all but here he was, trying to move forward with his life when he didn’t know how to get through each day. Cyan Dubois loved Salutem and what it represented: safety. A place where shifters could feel safe and be who they were meant to be without living in fear. There was only one thing missing and that was his mate. When Cyan meets Alex he realizes that at last he’s found his mate but he needs to take his time. His mate, his Alex, had suffered and is nowhere near ready to accept Cyan or what their mating would entail. When Alex turns away from Cyan, too afraid to be the mate Cyan knows he can be, Cyan is devastated. With there appearing to be no chance of ever having a relationship with his mate, Cyan is left to wonder what the future holds for him. Could he wait for Alex to move past his fear or was their relationship doomed before it even began?

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