A Lover’s Game

😱😁🎉 A LOVER’S GAME is out now and is said to be a thrilling/romantic ride judging from early reviews! I can’t be more excited about this book and hope you all enjoy! 😘 ✨Amazon: http://bit.ly/ALoversGame Zane Holden, the founder of Stonewall Investigations, has been haunted by the same case for years. He’s had loved ones taken by the serial killer known as the Unicorn, and his drive to find the monster is higher than ever. Finally, he feels like he’s getting close. Something else that’s getting closer? His wedding day to the man of his dreams. Lorenzo De Luca found the love of his life in Zane. He’s the happiest he’s ever been. His career as a high powered defense attorney is at a peak and his daydreams are filled with wedding bells and honeymooning. It felt like absolutely nothing could go wrong. But with the tensions from the case rising and a new presence in Enzo’s life making themselves known, there’s suddenly a lot that could go wrong. Zane and Enzo will have to tread carefully on their way to a blissful union. As Zane pushes closer to the Unicorn, the danger increases exponentially, until both men are faced with an excruciating reality: this all has to end one way or another. The two men will need to come together and find strength in their love before they get torn apart by their fear. _______________ A Lover’s Game is the fourth book in the Stonewall Investigations series. It can be read as a standalone although it is recommended to at least read book 1 in the series. It is a full-length, steamy gay romantic mystery novel. ✨Amazon: http://bit.ly/ALoversGame

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