Drifting with a Giant Squid

Drifting With A Giant Squid by Charlie Richards•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*••••🔹⭐🐙COMING SOON🐙⭐️🔹••••.¸.•*(¸.•*(¸.•*Charlie Richards’s next book in her series Beneath Aquatica’s Waves ‘Drifting With A Giant Squid’ #5 will be released 1st March 2019.🐙Log Line:World of Aquatica: When a police captain uses a free pass to explore a marine park, he runs across a man whose blatant pursuit turns his life upside down.
🐙Blurb:Captain John Casinov has two loves in his life—his family and his work. When his son, Jonathan, and the man’s family visit from Santa Cruz—primarily to try to convince him to retire and move south—John takes advantage of one of his detective’s offer. He accepts a bunch of free passes to the marine park, World of Aquatica. While there, he finds his interest snagged by a big, friendly, black-haired man. The handsome man brazenly introduces himself as William Roush…then he asks John on a date. While he’s flattered, John laughs it off while declining. Undeterred, William approaches John a second time later that afternoon, so he accepts. Imagine his surprise when John discovers who William actually is—the partial owner of the marine park. John doesn’t understand why a man who’s young, confident, and rich—who could have anyone he wants—would pursue him. When William shares that shifters are real, John wonders at the man’s sanity…until William actually proves it. Can John come to grips with his newfound knowledge and accept William into his life? Or will retiring and running be the decision of the day?🐙Excerpt:Sweeping his gaze around the area, William cautioned, “That goes to show that even someone experienced with animals can have an accident. No matter the animal, always be careful.”Many of the children bobbed their heads in acknowledgment.“You really let just anyone pet something so dangerous?”Turning back to his right again, William looked beyond the teenager to a dark-haired man who was most likely her father—judging by the way he pulled her hand away from the pool. “Think of it as taking your kids to the county swimming pool,” he told him, smiling as he ignored the guy’s abrasive tone. “There are rules put in place for everyone’s safety as well as a lifeguard on duty.” William pointed at a sign on the far wall. “No climbing into the pool. No touching a stingray’s tail. Always listen to the instructor. Be gentle.” Offering a disarming smile, he continued, “Our stingrays are used to being touched, but we work very hard to keep everyone safe. In World of Aquatica’s eleven year history, we’ve never had a single sting.”
William knew that was in part due to the fact that the shifter stingrays easily kept the others calm. Hell, if there’d been a giant squid petting aquarium, William would have happily allowed the humans to touch him. That kind of exhibit would be damn impossible to explain, however, no matter how much money it would bring in.He and his older brother, Kaiser—their pod’s alpha—had even discussed it once.His words must have placated the man—either that or it was the way his wife rested her hand on his arm and stated, “Relax, Jonathan. This is why we came over here,” for the guy nodded and backed off.Once the human had moved backward, allowing his two children access to the pool, William found his attention snagged by a third adult. This one was obviously older with gray at his temples and short, salt and pepper hair. He wore jeans that showed off muscular legs and a light jacket that did nothing to hide his wide shoulders and trim form.While William pegged the human as being in his late forties or early fifties, he thought he still looked amazing. His mouth watered with a desire to taste his full lips which were curved into a smile as he peered into the pool and guided the younger sibling’s hand so he could pet Carlton, the second shifter in the pool💰Buy Links: Pre-Order.eXtasy Books:https://www.extasybooks.com/978-1-4874-2474-9-drifting-with-a-giant-squid/
#Erotic #Romance, #Gay, #GLBT, #Paranormal, #Shapeshifter
🌐Find Charlie at…..Webpage – http://www.charlie-richards.com/Twitterhttps://twitter.com/ch_richards2010FB Friends – http://bit.ly/2hlKgEJ

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