Chaotic Love

Chaotic Love by #EvaLeon This one’s not quite as dark. (but still dark enough for a warning…) Finn I’ve never been anything but a man’s property. First my father, then others. I exist for everyone else’s pleasure but my own. This is my life. Loveless. Broken. Hopeless. Only death can free me from my bonds. But then a monster steals me from my captor. At first, I think Damon is like all the others… but he’s different. He wants more than just my body—he wants my soul. Damon The Omega is damaged in a way I’ll never understand. He thinks he wants to die, but I won’t let him. I want to corrupt him. Claim him. Make him feel again. I keep him in a cage not unlike the one I took him from. I’ll make the Omega scream with pleasure, and with pain. On his knees, I’ll make him submit. No one will take him from me. Because he’s mine. Amazon–

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