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NEW!!! Finn (Lycan Mating Games Book 1) by S. Cinders is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

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NEW!!! Finn (Lycan Mating Games Book 1) by S. Cinders is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

Full of action, love and enough steam to fog up your screen! Definitely a series to get lost in.” – Amazon reviewer

Danger, intrigue, abuse of power and steamy relationships combine to create a highly entertaining story!” – Amazon reviewer


Welcome to The Mating Games…

In a world where every nineteen-year-old Lycan in the United States is required to report to a super-secret facility in the Wyoming desert, Avery soon finds that she isn’t training to be a fierce warrior as she was told. Instead she is being forced to pair with another wolf so they might breed to save the Lycan population. 

Fast-talking and impossibly handsome Finnegan is Avery’s roommate. As he’s intent on getting rid of her as soon as possible they have a rather inauspicious beginning. But soon the sparks fly. Could they really be fated mates? Or is this attraction just because of their circumstances?

Life at the Academy is nothing as it seems. When evil crops up, Avery makes a choice that will change her and Finn’s life forever. 

Publisher’s Note: This steamy dystopian romance contains elements of power exchange.

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