Twisted Saga Origins

Twisted Saga Origins By #KindleUnlimited #newreleaseEveryday is a struggle, every hour a battle within to decide his fate. Torn between these decision is a young man with the will of iron and steel. In the foothills of the South, things are not always slow and laid back. Sometimes you have to look through the mist of the night at an entirely different world of chaos. It feels natural for his rambunctious bunch, that means getting to that next level of crazy with force. Josh Bradshaw, Justin Adamson, & James Cline are the notorious troublesome trio who enjoy nothing more than creating havoc & drama but never get pinned for their misdeeds. Life alters their brotherhood when a series of events force their hand to examine how everything has not turned out as planned. Two of the three dwell down deeper into a secondary life of organized crime until a rat goes to the authorities & cleans house. How much more can things free fall in the process? Everything from illegal street racing to brawling in the street to protect the love of a lifetime, brings out a side in Josh that not even he sees within himself trying to discover his place in life as an unwanted & unloved individual who’s rage controls his action without “her” there to sooth the beast within the struggling to escape.

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