The One & Only by Maria La Serra

Title: The One & Only
Series: The One Love #1
Author: Maria La Serra
Genre: Contemporary Romance
 Release Date: March 8, 2019


Two New York editors learn that their office feud and love-hate feelings could be the perfect way to find the love that they both have been looking for—that is if they don’t kill each other first.

Staci Cortés is a dating columnist at a popular New York magazine and trying her best to get her love life in order. Greg McAdams—the one person in the world that Staci cannot stand—is a writer for a metropolitan men’s magazine, the son of her boss, and sits right across the hall from her. So when Staci is promoted to a brand new online magazine venture with a new co-editor she is beyond ecstatic, until she learns that her new partner is none other than Greg.

As the two struggle to get along and work together on their coop-editorial pieces, they both realize that there is more to the other than meets the eye. A charming story about forgiveness, compromise, and the ups-and-downs of an in-office relationship.

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“Why aren’t you dressed?” I said, holding out my hand up to his chest.
“Because I was hot. Am I making you feel uncomfortable?” He flashed a knowing smile.
“No.” You sure are.
“I think I have a fever.” 
He walked closer and my hand went to his forehead, which felt cold to the touch.
“You seem okay,” I said as our eyes met. 
His hand goes to my waist, and I knew that look he was giving me. 
“If I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to kiss me.” I arched a brow.
“I am.” He smiled wickedly, waiting for me to move forward, but I forced myself to step back instead. 
“Not a chance, McAdams,” I said, walking away from him.
“Not that I’m not happy to see you … but why are you here?”
“I wanted to check out where you lived,” I mused. “To see if your place was bigger than mine.”
“Aha! That’s the Staci I know.” His crooked grin came out full force. “But, um … not to see if I’m okay?” 
I turned around to find him now stretched out on his white couch, his hair resting on top of his closed eyes. I had the urge to allow my hand to wander through his soft strands of hair and grip them tight … only without malice.
Keep it together, Staci. This is Greg, the man you despise.
Only it didn’t feel like that anymore. Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come over. It wasn’t until now I realized how much more enthralled I was with Greg. It was an attraction and nothing else. Perfectly reasonable when you worked in close proximity with someone. 
“Yeah. Whatever. That, too,” I said, and Greg chuckled.
“Do you mind if I bring this into the kitchen?” I hold up the restaurant bag. “I brought you chicken soup. Want some?”
“Only if you will feed it to me.” He smiled, and I had the urge to roll my eyes at him.
“Not a chance, McAdams.” 

Author Bio

A Montréalaise who used to be a fashion designer before becoming a writer. She will try everything at least once—except for skiing, hiking, camping, or anything relating to activities done in the great outdoors. When she’s not working on her next book, you could find her spending time with her husband and kids.

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