B& N Romance Sale


Get 50% off of these amazing romance titles on Barnes & Noble!

Books by Jami Davenport 
Melting Ice — http://bit.ly/2IUVtOZ — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Crashing The Net — http://bit.ly/2HiSpKa — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Bodychecking — http://bit.ly/2SOVjs5 — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Goaltending — http://bit.ly/2EFUk8R — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Penalty Play — http://bit.ly/2ueZ5Dh — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Shutdown Player — http://bit.ly/2usj96p — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50
Shot On Goal — http://bit.ly/2NXFugS — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50

Books by Kelly Jamieson
Rule of Three — http://bit.ly/2tUvQUi — Promo Code: BNPLWood50KJ
Breakaway — http://bit.ly/2NJoOL4 — Promo Code: BNPLWood50K2
Limited Time Offer http://bit.ly/2TiaNdv — Promo Code: BNPLWood50K2
Sweet Obsession http://bit.ly/2NITj3K — Promo Code: BNPLWood50K2

Books by Kat Mizera  
Drake — http://bit.ly/2sZDsp8 — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50KM 
Karl http://bit.ly/2tDokvw— Promo Code: BNPLWoods50KM 
Zakk  http://bit.ly/2EPRUoj — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50KM 
Toli & Tessa — http://bit.ly/2J5WML0 — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50KM 

Books by Tess Thompson 
Duet for Three Hands — http://bit.ly/2ETgfur — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50TT
Miller’s Secret — http://bit.ly/2NMb3LN — Promo Code: BNPLWoods50TT

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