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Do you like a variety of hot men from bad-ass bikers, CEO billionaires, sexy strippers, soldiers, and more, set in different locations around the world? From enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, love triangles and other tropes, the books in The Fantasy Series can be read as a standalone and in any order.

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Meet the following:



Blaine Cohen – STRIPPER ROMANCE – Las Vegas

Alistair Kingsley – CEO ROMANCE – London, UK

Dominic Kershaw – CHEF ROMANCE – New York

& more – COMING SOON!

Book Blurbs:

Copy of Copy of Copy of JOIN ME ON (23)

VENGEANCE – BIKER ROMANCE Kael is hot, tattooed, fierce, and everything I shouldn’t want in a man. Being in his world opens my eyes to things I’ve never even seen in my worst nightmares. He’s bound to the Savage Outlaws’ Motorcycle Club by loyalty, love, and ending a war he started with the Dark Angels. I’m bound to the promises I made to my parents—that I’ll escape this dead-end town, and get a Diploma. But you can’t help who you fall for. Despite everyone trying to keep us apart, we sacrifice everything by being together, including our lives. We’re clinging on to the tiny bit of hope that we can work, that we can ride into the sunset on a bad-ass Harley Davidson and live happily ever after. When secrets are revealed, and consequences are faced, a small fraction of us wonders if we should have listened to the club, our family, and enemies after all…. The only light we may be riding into is the flames of hell. Love doesn’t always conquer all. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. And revenge isn’t always sweet…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of JOIN ME ON (2)

TRAITOR – KINGPIN ROMANCE I moved abroad to escape my controlling ex and start a new life. I never intended to be swept off my feet by Keegan McCoy. I’m drawn in, fascinated by his extravagant world. If only he wasn’t the kingpin of the Irish cartel. If only he wasn’t my brother’s rival in a drug war. My loyalty is tested when I become a pawn in a dangerous game. There can only be one winner, but at what cost? A rollercoaster ride of betrayal, revenge, and forbidden love…

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Copy of Copy of JOIN ME ON (2) SECRETS – STRIPPER ROMANCE Blaine Cohen is all of my fantasies rolled into one—firefighter, policeman, soldier, cowboy. Well, at least on stage. He’s the main attraction of my shows and tickets are selling out fast. My dreams are finally coming true, my Las Vegas club, Xtasy, a success. When it comes to Blaine, I’m like all the other women, and can’t keep my hands to myself. Our rendezvous is fun and wild, and helps me forget about my past and the mess I’m in. But every sinner has their day, and all good things must come to an end. I thought Blaine was everything I wanted in a man, until he shows me otherwise. He could cost me everything—my club, my goals, and my heart. He isn’t just fake on stage. He’s fake in real life too. Maybe there are only sinners in Sin City…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of JOIN ME ON SACRIFICE – CEO ROMANCE Alastair Kingsley, Partner of Rivers & Kingsley Solicitors is an arrogant asshole, who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Universe. Successful, handsome, and bossy in all areas, I can see why women flock to him. I, Laina Lawson, am one of them. He’ll love and leave me and I’m fine with that. Because if he found out my secret, he’d be gone anyway. He also has secrets of his own, I can tell. We should never have mixed business with pleasure, and put both of our careers in jeopardy. Sacrificed everything we ever wanted. We may very well end up with nothing at all…

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Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of JOIN ME ON JUST BUSINESS – CHEF ROMANCE I love my ex Dominic, but he’s destroying everything—my dreams, our relationship, and the restaurant we own. At my wits end, I hire the talented celebrity chef, Bryson Ashby. Surely he can repair the restaurant, and ignite our passion for food. One thing he can’t fix is my relationship with Dominic. Not when I’m finding Bryson irresistible, and Dominic is flirting with anyone with a pulse. If only a little thing called ‘love’ would go away. The kitchen’s getting hotter, and temptation is raw. With one of them it can only be just business. But who’s the right man, and will he even want something serious? Heartache can harden the sweetest of hearts. I’m praying everything doesn’t go up in flames.

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About the Author

  1. Valentine grew up in the West Midlands, England. She enjoyed a career in a solicitors firm, following a diploma in Law, and a pass in English language and literature. In 2015, she decided to focus more on her lifelong passion of writing.

Her other interests include reading, music, sightseeing, taking far too many photographs, and watching series / films.

For more information on S.Valentine, her books, and social media accounts, visit: If you join her newsletter you will be the first to receive sneak peeks of new chapters, teasers, news, giveaway prizes and more!

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