The Infinite Beat (T.I.E. Book 2) by Christine Michelle Chelle

The Infinite Beat (T.I.E. Book 2) by Christine Michelle
I was a stowaway, on tour with a rock band. We were supposed to be on tour with them legitimately – my brother as the bass player for the opening act – Seduction and Sacrifice – and me as their merch girl. Then my brother’s band imploded, and they lost their spot. We lost our jobs, our apartment, and almost all hope before he managed to get us on with the road crew.

I pretended to be one of the guys in order to go unnoticed. It worked until he saw me, saw through my disguise, and then changed my world.


That was no dude dropping stuff by my kit. Too slight. Too perfect. Too beautiful for anyone to mistake her as anything but the feminine perfection she was, yet these morons on the road crew had referred to her as a dude.

One look from her stopped me cold. One smile of hers stopped my heart. One laugh brought it all back into focus. One test changed everything. Forever.

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