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ೋ The Rescue of Sheila Quinn ೋ
A Red Demon Extra
(The Red Demon Trilogy #2.5)
by: Ed Bar
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ೋღ Synopsis:
The Rescue of Sheila Quinn is a stand alone short story set in the Red Demon universe.

Mason Jackson was swamped with work. Being the new mayor of Perfection County was no easy task, managing both human and werewolf relations. But when an old friend shows up unannounced, begging Mason to help him find his sister, he could hardly refuse.

It had been years since Mason saw Sheila, and old feelings sparked anew at the mere mention of her name. He would travel to the pits of hell for her if he had to, and he most likely would have to do just that.

With almost no information to go on, Mason undertook a deadly mission into another pack’s territory to find the only woman he had ever loved.


Pre Order is now available for Magic Man, by Author Annie Buff.

Book#1 in the Stone Sinners MC Series.

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Magic is always in control. As the president of the Stone Sinners MC he has to be. Magic deals in guns, drugs and anything else that makes money. He’s single and that’s the way he likes it. Women just complicate an already fucked up situation. Then he meets Melanie and sparks fly. She’s taken up residence where he stashed his merchandise and that isn’t good. He wants her in a bad way but with his lifestyle it’s not a good idea. But this is Magic so bad ideas just seem to be the norm.
Annie Buff

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