🚨Wanderlust: A Quin&Perin Role Play 99¢ SALE🚨
written as Qu Pe
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“Intense, hot, and steamy, which Quin & Perin are well known for.” ~Karen, Amazon Reviewer

“Qu Pe , also known as the fabulous authors duo, Quin and Perin write , with out doubt , very naughty , sexy dirty and seriously hot smutty stories and Wanderlust it’s the perfect example.” ~Waleska, Amazon Reviewer

This is an unedited role play by Quin&Perin. Please check the warning section inside the book.

wan·der·lust – noun: a strong desire to travel

“a man consumed by wanderlust”

The moment Chase walked into my bar, I knew he was trouble. And trouble he was. A man with a past; a wanderer… when really he’s been running.

***”Wanderlust” features detailed adult m/m content

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