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NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! Luna Caged: Behind the Wall by Margaret McHeyzer is available now!!!

NOW LIVE & ONLY 99c!!! Luna Caged: Behind the Wall by Margaret McHeyzer is available now!!!

Wow! I was so enthralled with the story that I read this in one sitting… Margaret, you are an evil genius! – Goodreads reviewer

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I often stare at the walls and wonder what’s beyond them.
The Elders tell me that nothing but sin, sadness, and disease lie beyond the wall.
Sometimes I hear things, noises that are strange to me. They’re often faint, and when I ask the Elders what those sounds are, they tell me they are the tortured souls of thousands of people behind the gates of hell. I don’t know what they mean.
I dream of leaving these walls, but the Elders insist this is the only place we’re safe. They talk about danger, hatred, and the devil himself waiting just beyond. They tell us the walls were built to keep us safe.
Although I believe the Elders, I want to see the outside world for myself.
But there’s no way out.
Or so I thought…


Luna Freed: Beyond the Wall

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Gypsy’s Rogue by #LaylaDorine

It’s Release Day! Gypsy’s Rogue by #LaylaDorine
Excerpt: They rolled, blinking against the torrent, rainwater washing into their eyes, over their cheek, down their chin. Gypsy opened their mouth and it coated their tongue, nearly gagging as it hit the back of their throat, forcing them to swallow. It was cold and pure and they wondered, for a moment, if this was what the sky tasted like. A deep chuckle drew their eyes left, to a pair of black shitkickers standing out in stark contrast to the muddy green of their lawn. Those boots were attached to long legs encased in wet denim, a sodden House of 1000 Corpses t-shirt stretched across a thickly muscled chest. Through their watery gaze they caught a glimpse of tattoos wrapped around a tanned pair of arms, their breath catching in their chest when they couldn’t fully make out the patterns of them. Oh god, oh god it couldn’t be. They strained to see the man’s face, but the rain was blocking out his features. Gypsy began to panic, sucking in breath after breath, hyperventilating, as if the crying hadn’t been enough. They wished a sinkhole would swallow them up even while they were grateful the rain had washed away their tears. Gypsy was only vaguely aware of the man going to one knee beside them until he reached out. Recoiling sharply away from his touch, Gypsy went rolling through the mud. Their breathing picked up more, sucking in panicked gulps as they closed their eyes and squeezed their fists until mud squished through their fingers. “Hey now. Gypsy. Hey, slow down your breathin’ for me. I didn’t mean ta scare you.” He reached out again, and this time Gypsy was too tired to pull away. Exhausted, cold, with frayed emotions and their clothing stuck to their skin, they focused on the voice and tried not to fall off a cliff of blind panic. “You can do better than that. Stop holding your breath, ya gotta breathe,” the voice insisted and they could feel their hand being placed against the center of a muscular chest so that the heartbeat thudded gently beneath their fingertips. “Try and match your breathing to mine. Shit, I didn’t think you’d react like this to me coming out to see ya.” They gasped, shuddered, batted weakly at the hand until they let go. “Shit, Gypsy, I’m not gonna hurt you.” The man’s voice slowly sunk in and with it came the realization that it wasn’t their ex. They wanted to weep all over again for the mercy of that small act. Their breathing eased, and slowly, slowly they unclenched their fists from the grass. Rogue didn’t attempt to touch them again, just heaved a sigh and flopped onto his back beside Gypsy, shoved his rain soaked hair out of his eyes and let the deluge wash over him. “Shower broken?” he quipped. “No.” They didn’t look at him again, couldn’t. Gypsy was betting there would be pity in his eyes, that, or he’d be eyeing them up like he was measuring them for a padded room. “So this is for fun then?” He wiggled a little, getting comfortable, settling in like he planned to be there awhile. “Why are you here? How did you ever find me?” He chuckled again, turned on his side, brushed the wet grass aside so he could see them more clearly. “You told me about this place over a bottle of Grey Goose and Brit Coms.” A bark of laughter erupted from their throat, harsh, rough, but it was a pleasant memory and damn, they needed those. “You laughed so hard you puked.” “Yeah, that was your fault too. Never thought those things would be remotely amusing.” “That doesn’t explain how you were able to find it.” “We always keep records of the towns we’ve visited and the places we’ve set up shows. It wasn’t hard to backtrack through them and figure it out.” “Why would you go through that much effort for me?” “Why not? You didn’t call, you didn’t write, so when Isaac told me you’d headed back here, I figured I’d come find out what happened and make sure you were okay. You said you’d never return here, so I figured something drastic had to happen to change your mind.” “My father died.” “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” “I don’t know yet.” “Then I’ll wait ‘til you decide if you want condolences or a celebration.” “That’s harsh. I wouldn’t…I’d never…” “Sorry. I would though.” “You didn’t even know my old man.” “I was talking about mine.”

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Don’t Lie To Me

Don’t Lie To Me
Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Book 1
by Willow Rose
Genre: Mystery, Thriller

When twelve-year-old Sophie Williams went on a Girl Scout summer camp, she never returned home.

Three months later, her body is found inside her sleeping bag in the most frequented area of Cocoa Beach, and the town is outraged.
The girl isn’t just any child. She’s the town’s most beloved surf idol, and it was believed that she could be the next Kelly Slater.
As another child, the son of a well-known senator is kidnapped, and the parents receive a disturbing video, FBI profiler Eva Rae Thomas — who has just returned to her hometown, divorced and out of a job — plunges into the investigation, breaking her promise to her children not to do police work again.
Local law enforcement, with her old flame Matt Miller in charge, are the ones who ask for her help in a case so unsettling that only she can solve it. But the deeper they dig, the deadlier it becomes for Matt and Eva Rae. Soon, everyone she holds dear is in grave danger as this case hits a little too close to home.
DON’T LIE TO ME is the first book in the Eva Rae Thomas Mystery Series and can be read as a standalone.
The Queen of Scream aka Willow Rose is a #1 Amazon Best-selling Author and an Amazon ALL-star Author of more than 60 novels.
She writes Mystery, Thriller, Paranormal, Romance, Suspense, Horror, Supernatural thrillers, and Fantasy.
Willow’s books are fast-paced, nail-biting pageturners with twists you won’t see coming. Several of her books have reached the Kindle top 10 of ALL books in the US, UK, and Canada. She has sold more than three million books.
Willow lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. When she is not writing or reading, you will find her surfing and watch the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.
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FREE!!! Predator by Liz Meldon is FREE for a very limited time!!!

FREE!!! Predator by Liz Meldon is FREE for a very limited time!!!

Dark and gritty, with tons of chemistry and mystery” – Goodreads reviewer

Liz Meldon delivers an entertaining, intriguing and steamy story that will draw you in” – Goodreads reviewer


In a city where demons run wild and take what they want, what he wants most of all… is her.

As the top-rated male escort in Farrow’s Hollow, incubus Severus sees the same thing night after night: human women searching for surrender, for a connection, for love. He caters to them, feeds from them, not realizing he’s desperate for all the same things.

Accustomed to clients swooning over his dark stare and sinful smile, the demon meets his match when a newcomer immune to his charms schedules a session. The bewitching beauty makes his lonely heart race, the connection between them immediate–and not just between the sheets.

But the intensity of it all sends grad student Moira fleeing into the night. Desperate for answers, Severus pursues her, unaware that he isn’t the only predator to have caught her scent.

PREDATOR is the first novella in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, heat, and violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella, three novels, and a companion novel, and should be read in order:

PREY (#2)

All books in THE HUNT serial are available FREE in Kindle Unlimited

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NEW SERIES!!! The Fantasy Series by S. Valentine is available now!!!

NEW SERIES!!! The Fantasy Series by S. Valentine is available now!!!

Do you like a variety of hot men from bad-ass bikers, CEO billionaires, sexy strippers, soldiers, and more, set in different locations around the world? From enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, love triangles and other tropes, the books in The Fantasy Series can be read as a standalone and in any order.


Kael is hot, tattooed, fierce, and everything I shouldn’t want in a man. Being in his world opens my eyes to things I’ve never even seen in my worst nightmares.
He’s bound to the Savage Outlaws’ Motorcycle Club by loyalty, love, and ending a war he started with the Dark Angels.
I’m bound to the promises I made to my parents—that I’ll escape this dead-end town, and get a Diploma.
But you can’t help who you fall for.
Despite everyone trying to keep us apart, we sacrifice everything by being together, including our lives.
We’re clinging on to the tiny bit of hope that we can work, that we can ride into the sunset on a bad-ass Harley Davidson and live happily ever after.
When secrets are revealed, and consequences are faced, a small fraction of us wonders if we should have listened to the club, our family, and enemies after all….
The only light we may be riding into is the flames of hell.
Love doesn’t always conquer all. Blood isn’t always thicker than water. And revenge isn’t always sweet

I moved abroad to escape my controlling ex and start a new life.
I never intended to be swept off my feet by Keegan McCoy. I’m drawn in, fascinated by his extravagant world.
If only he wasn’t the kingpin of the Irish cartel.
If only he wasn’t my brother’s rival in a drug war.
My loyalty is tested when I become a pawn in a dangerous game.
There can only be one winner, but at what cost?
A rollercoaster ride of betrayal, revenge, and forbidden love…

Blaine Cohen is all of my fantasies rolled into one—firefighter, policeman, soldier, cowboy. Well, at least on stage. He’s the main attraction of my shows and tickets are selling out fast.
My dreams are finally coming true, my Las Vegas club, Xtasy, a success.
When it comes to Blaine, I’m like all the other women, and can’t keep my hands to myself.
Our rendezvous is fun and wild, and helps me forget about my past and the mess I’m in.
But every sinner has their day, and all good things must come to an end.
I thought Blaine was everything I wanted in a man, until he shows me otherwise. He could cost me everything—my club, my goals, and my heart.
He isn’t just fake on stage. He’s fake in real life too.
Maybe there are only sinners in Sin City

Alastair Kingsley, Partner of Rivers & Kingsley Solicitors is an arrogant asshole, who thinks he’s God’s gift to the Universe. Successful, handsome, and bossy in all areas, I can see why women flock to him.
I, Laina Lawson, am one of them. 
He’ll love and leave me and I’m fine with that. Because if he found out my secret, he’d be gone anyway.
He also has secrets of his own, I can tell.
We should never have mixed business with pleasure, and put both of our careers in jeopardy. Sacrificed everything we ever wanted.
We may very well end up with nothing at all

I love my ex Dominic, but he’s destroying everything—my dreams, our relationship, and the restaurant we own.
At my wits end, I hire the talented celebrity chef, Bryson Ashby.
Surely he can repair the restaurant, and ignite our passion for food. One thing he can’t fix is my relationship with Dominic.
Not when I’m finding Bryson irresistible, and Dominic is flirting with anyone with a pulse.
If only a little thing called ‘love’ would go away.
The kitchen’s getting hotter, and temptation is raw.
With one of them it can only be just business.
But who’s the right man, and will he even want something serious?
Heartache can harden the sweetest of hearts.
I’m praying everything doesn’t go up in flames.

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Old School Discipline by #MishaHorne

#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited Old School Discipline by #MishaHorne Amazon 📚
BLURB: A slacker with a record and a bad attitude. A no nonsense bully with a very firm hand. A dorm room that can barely contain the heat. I never planned on continuing my pointless education. But then I got arrested. Again. Hey, if those laptops weren’t meant to be stolen, they should have been locked up better. Somehow, my latest stunt and lousy attitude landed me in Redwood Academy. An exclusive university where they’re supposed to turn screw ups like me into upstanding citizens. Or some crap like that. But, okay, fine. Some lame private college still sounded better than jail. It’s not like I’m footing the bill. So, what’s the problem? Well, let me name a few. The dean’s got it out for me, because I might have broken a fairly big rule on day one. Gotta make an impression, right? The troublemaking twink across the hall is obsessed with me, and his overprotective boyfriend doesn’t like that very much. What can I say? It’s hard looking this damn good. And then, there’s my roommate. Bax is a complete psychopath. An obnoxious, dominating bastard, with a vicious sneer and massive biceps, and a past no one will talk about. I hate him like hell. Except when I don’t. When he uses those strong hands to punish me in ways I’ve never dreamed of, hate is the last thing on my mind. Oh, did I forget to mention the spanking? See, Redwood’s all about the old school discipline. And, apparently, so am I. Because getting bent over and spanked by my roommate is pushing buttons I never knew I had. Any normal person would be planning a jailbreak, I guess. Believe me, I’m tempted. But I’m starting to think I might actually belong here. Even worse, that I might want to belong. To Bax. And that’s definitely a problem.

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Whole Again

book 3 of my Orchard Ridge Omegas series! If you haven’t read this series yet, I urge you to give this new author (me) a shot!

;)It’s a contemporary, non-shifter mpreg series set in a quirky small town in Oregon. I love to write long inter-connected (yet still standalone) romances with plenty of drama and angst, but also a good deal of fluff and humor! All depending on my mood

😉 My books contain a little bit of something for everyone, so check them out!

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The Assignment by S. Nelson

We are so excited to share this amazing cover with you!

The Assignment by S. Nelson

Release Date: May 20, 2019.

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Title: The Assignment

Author: S. Nelson

Series: Massey Security Duet, Book 1

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Day: May 20, 2019

Cover Designer: CT Cover Creations


Wallowing in grief for too long can be hazardous. It’s why I allowed my brother to talk me into accepting a new client.

Our security firm needed the money, and the endorsement from a famous director could steer our company to new heights.

Then his daughter walked in, the woman I’d be assigned to, and I knew I’d made a huge mistake.

She was a spoiled socialite who only cared about herself.

She pushed every button I had, frayed every last nerve.

I said things I wasn’t proud of.

I pushed the boundaries of propriety.

But how else was I supposed to protect her from the threats against her family when she insisted on being reckless?

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The Lonely Hearts Bar

 photo lonelyhearts_zpso4ewui8u.jpg
Literary Fiction, New Adult
Date Published: August 14, 2007
Publisher: Editus Publishing

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With high hopes of conquering Hollywood, the novel’s main character goes to Los Angeles to study directing and screenwriting. On the way, she ends up at a roadside bar that uncannily links the destinies of the main characters, who had given up everything to follow their dreams. What’s in store for the young rebels in Los Angeles? Does your dream have another side, one that’s just as enigmatic and invisible as the far side of the Moon?


“To be honest, I have no idea what cinema is and why it’s so magnetic…  Also, I don’t know what it’s like to be called a ‘great’ director. I only just jumped out of the plane and am waiting for my parachute to open.  In the meantime, I’m just looking at an illusion of how my life should be.  Maybe I’ll see the light as soon as I hear the clapperboard and ‘Action!’ But it’ll all be meaningless if people aren’t inspired… My name is Connie. I came from New York on a long journey in my old car. Maybe, on the other side of the world, a little girl is going to bed who, just like I used to, dreams of becoming a filmmaker. And every time, closing her eyes, she holds a camera in her hands and mentally goes over her movie’s screenplay… why am I a director? I think I’ll be able to answer that when I become one. Now I’m just one more student who is just dreaming of becoming a filmmaker and is still falling asleep, just like that little girl.  The main thing is to not lose faith…”

About the Author

 photo Konni_zpsigx4l9mr.jpg
From the age of 11 Konni has been writing books. When she came of age she moved from a small abandoned town to Moscow where she exchanged the dream of “becoming a director” for the profession “doctor.” Now at the ripe old age of 21 years old, Konni is enjoying the acclaim of The Lonely Hearts Bar and working on her next novel.

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