FREE!!! Predator by Liz Meldon is FREE for a very limited time!!!

FREE!!! Predator by Liz Meldon is FREE for a very limited time!!!

Dark and gritty, with tons of chemistry and mystery” – Goodreads reviewer

Liz Meldon delivers an entertaining, intriguing and steamy story that will draw you in” – Goodreads reviewer


In a city where demons run wild and take what they want, what he wants most of all… is her.

As the top-rated male escort in Farrow’s Hollow, incubus Severus sees the same thing night after night: human women searching for surrender, for a connection, for love. He caters to them, feeds from them, not realizing he’s desperate for all the same things.

Accustomed to clients swooning over his dark stare and sinful smile, the demon meets his match when a newcomer immune to his charms schedules a session. The bewitching beauty makes his lonely heart race, the connection between them immediate–and not just between the sheets.

But the intensity of it all sends grad student Moira fleeing into the night. Desperate for answers, Severus pursues her, unaware that he isn’t the only predator to have caught her scent.

PREDATOR is the first novella in THE HUNT, a paranormal romance serial. It has a rating of EXPLICIT for coarse language, heat, and violence. The Hunt is considered a continuous story containing one novella, three novels, and a companion novel, and should be read in order:

PREY (#2)

All books in THE HUNT serial are available FREE in Kindle Unlimited

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