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Book: Between The Tides
Genre: #ParanormalRomance
Release Date: 6/8/2019

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When you stand beside the water, listening to the waves, what is it you feel? 
Calm? Rage? Hope? Despair? 
The sea is a place where every emotion can be felt, every crash of the waves upon the shore a match to the beating of your own heart, no matter what is going on inside it.

“Between the Tides” is just that. A beating heart that rushes at you from the shoreline, and dares you deeper into the waves. Do the depths of the ocean offer a sweet respite from the world around you? Or are the snow fed lakes in the mountains that place where you can go to create an ice wall around your heart, or perhaps break it asunder?

Come with us where the creatures of the deeps and the shallows, creatures out of myth and legend, come to life and drag you into the waves. 
Who knows, you might get lost on a pirate ship or carried away by a kracken…
The only way to navigate the shores is to travel: 
Between the Tides

Jolanthe Aleksander, Grace Augustine, Linda Boulanger, Jennifer Daniels,
Genevieve Gornichec, Marj Ivancic, Darlene Kuncytes, Andi Lawrencovna, 
T.M. Payne, Karen Vaughan, LJ Vickery, Kali Willows

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