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Love Kills - Criminal Delights: Serial KillersLove Kills – Criminal Delights: Serial Killers by Michael Mandrake
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

If you are looking for a dark and thriller read then don’t miss reading this one. You will be drawn in from page one with a story of 3 different characters. We get to look through their eyes of what and how they want things to be. The steam coming off these pages will be making you fan your self. Highly recommend this book

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Take Me Hard by Katie Douglas

Can Clay be the one to take Kinsley’s heart and change her dreams? Find out in Take Me Hard by Katie Douglas … OUT NOW!

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“I won’t let any man get between me and my dreams. Not even a drool-worthy one like Clay.” When I met Clay Dale, he just made me so mad. Telling me what to do. Making me stay at his place just because he accidentally hit me with his truck. Who does that? His dominance does strange things to my body, and when he brings out the rope… all I want him to do is take me, hard. But I can’t betray my dreams of making it in Hollywood. I’m so torn, I’m almost at breaking point, and not just because I got pounded by his enormous… truck. Take Me Hard is the third book in the bestselling Arizona Heat series, which features stacked cowboys, steam, a little discipline and a whole lot of action. If you like mild drama and detailed naughty scenes, this novella is for you.


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About Katie Douglas

USA Today and worldwide number 1 bestselling author Katie Douglas is the sort of incorrigible British girl you’d find at St Trinian’s. She recently quit her job as a school librarian in China to write steamy romance full-time, and loves reading and writing books filled with steamy alphas with hearts of gold. She prefers cozy diners to fancy restaurants, coffee or whisky to champagne, and sometimes she adults.

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Scoring with the Boss by Delancey Stewart

Title: Scoring with the Boss
Series: Mr. Match #4
Author: Delancey Stewart
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 9, 2019


Mr. Match has the formula for love. So why is he still single? 


Being Mr. Match has been fun. And while it’s nice that thousands of couples have found love thanks to me, that was never really the point. The one guy I most wanted to match?

Doesn’t have one.

Now the vultures are circling, and it won’t be long before all of San Diego finds out exactly who I am. And then the questions will begin. Why hasn’t Mr. Match found his match?

If I answer that one, it’ll discredit everything Mr. Match is, and call into question all the matches I’ve made so far. It’s time to step away.

But when the venture capital analyst arrives to help divest me of the business, I’m starting to wonder if love really is as easy as a mathematical formula. Because Tatum Archer does something to me that defies logic and confounds reason. I feel feelings for her, even though the algorithm says I shouldn’t.

Have I been wrong all along?


My life was set. Divorce, check. Kickass job, check. Enormous dog… well, okay, that wasn’t part of the plan, but Charlie is my sidekick now and I’m okay with that.

A weeklong trip to San Diego to help set up the sale of a matchmaking business sounds like just the kind of challenge I thrive on. I just didn’t expect Mr. Match himself to be quite so…



or HOT.

When my manager suggests I take over the company and stay in San Diego temporarily, it makes perfect sense from a business perspective. But getting involved with a client would be the end of everything I’d spent years building.

We have to keep things professional. Max assures me we’re not a match anyway.

So why can’t we keep our hands off each other?

* * *

Tatum Archer doesn’t date clients, and Max isn’t signing up for a romantic liaison that hasn’t been mathematically guaranteed. 

So why can’t he stop thinking about Tatum? Or about her ridiculously enormous dog, Charlie? Not that he’s thinking about Charlie romantically, of course. But the dog is part of a package deal. And maybe he’s thinking about Tatum a little bit romantically…

The final book in the Mr. Match series sees Mr. Match finally find his own match! Don’t miss the laughs in this hilarious series finale!

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It was time to take a step back from Mr. Match before I had to answer a bunch of questions I didn’t want to answer. Before the whole thing blew up and then tanked spectacularly because I was revealed to be a fraud. And so naturally, I had a plan. 
“You’re going to sell Mr. Match?” My sister Cat was lounging on the leather sofa in the middle of my living room. “It’s a goldmine! Why would you do that?”
I shrugged. “Maybe I’m tired of finding happiness for everyone else.” 
Cat’s eyes dropped to the ring on her left hand and then found me again. “Max,” she said quietly, looking sad. 
“No,” I said quickly, sorry I’d let too much show. That wasn’t my style. “It’s fine. It’s not even that. The whole secrecy thing is exhausting, and I think I’m pretty close to being outed, which would be bad for the business. Bad for me. And probably bad for the Sharks, too.” 
“You won the Cup last season, it would take a lot to hurt the Sharks,” she said. 
I stood just outside the sliding glass door that separated the living room from the patio and yard. My house was nice—big and open, lots of upscale touches and fancy appliances. But it felt cold to me, despite the almost constant San Diego sunshine, and I spent a lot of my time out on this patio. Less oppressive than that unfilled space. “Why do you care if I keep it, anyway?” I asked, turning to look back inside. 
Cat shrugged and stood up, coming out to join me in gazing over the grass beyond the patio toward the fence, which sat just along the curve of Mission Bay. The Isleys lived a few doors down, though I swear we didn’t plan it that way. “I don’t know,” she said. “It’s nostalgia, I guess. You always talked about figuring out how love wasn’t this complicated mystical thing. And then you did it. I just thought it would mean something to you, even if you never …” she trailed off, glancing at me and then sinking into a cushioned chair next to the teak table. 
My sister was one of the few people I’d confided in about my efforts at finding a match of my own. I’d been one of the first complete profiles in the database, but my file had sat there, gathering dust, for years now. The algorithm was built to match and weigh the most crucial aspects of someone’s personality, giving mathematical priority to those aspects statistically most likely to correlate to longevity in relationships. I’d tweaked the math multiple times over the years, and tons of happy couples all around San Diego, Los Angeles, and now Arizona, had benefited. But I had not. 
Cat sighed. There wasn’t much to say about my unmatchability. 
It turned out I was a fucking unicorn. And not the fun rainbow-maned kind with a cat riding on its back like a Viking conqueror, throwing glitter around. I was like a sad gothic unicorn, horn draped in black crepe and too much guy liner. 
“Are you thinking about that ridiculous unicorn analogy again?” Cat asked, interrupting my train of thought. 
“You’re not an emo unicorn, Max.” 
“Gothic. With guy liner.” 
Cat rolled her eyes and crossed her arms over her chest. “I have a novel idea for you.” 
“No.” I historically didn’t like Cat’s ideas, novel or not. 
She dropped her arms and leaned forward in her chair, widening her eyes at me and blowing out a breath in frustration. “Listen first, jackass. Then tell me no.” 
I lifted a shoulder in resignation. “Fine. Go.” 
“Why don’t we go retro? You can be a retro unicorn.” 
“I have no idea what you’re trying to say. Use your words, Cat.”
“Those were words.”
“Use different words. Ones that go together to make sentences that make sense.” 
“Listen,” she said, rolling her eyes. Cat and I couldn’t help reverting to grade-school banter when we were together. It was our dynamic. It drove Mom crazy, but when Mom wasn’t around, we reveled in it. “Why not try this dating thing the old fashioned way?” 
“You want to order me a bride in the mail?” I imagined a stagecoach rolling in, a frightened-looking Midwestern girl coming down off the steps in a hoop skirt. It turns out I have a very visual imagination. I do best when I keep my little imaginings to myself though. 
“No. Not like wild-west style. More like before the internet.” 
“They definitely didn’t have the internet in the wild west,” I agreed. I wasn’t eager to see where Cat was going with this. Distraction could work.
“Stop changing the subject. Distraction won’t work here.” Cat stood up. “I met an adorable girl at the gallery last week, and I got her number. You set me up on dates before I met Xavier, so now I’m setting you up.” 
“Definitely no,” I told her. “And I set you up on dates that had a high mathematical probability of working out successfully. That’s how you met Xavier, remember?” 
“Yes, but first you gave me Dr. Buttchin.” 
I smiled as Cat’s description of that date came back to me. The formula had needed tweaking back then. But you had to hand it to a guy so germaphobic he’d managed to find a place to buy condoms to put on the passenger seat of his car. “Still. Definitely no to the setting-Max-up thing.” 
“Definitely yes, you mean.” Cat had her phone out and was texting someone. 
“Stop. I’m serious.” This was not at all what I wanted. I stood and went to look over my sister’s shoulder, but she’d already hit send. 
“Her name is Julie. She was adorable, very inquisitive. You guys are probably perfect for each other.” Cat smiled like she had just achieved world peace.

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Author Bio

Delancey Stewart is an award-winning author who writes fiction with humor, heart and heat!

Get the first book in her new sports rom-com series — MR. MATCH — absolutely free by joining her newsletter here:

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Unsteady in Love by Harlow Layne

Title: Unsteady in Love
Series: Fairlane #4
Author: Harlow Layne
Genre: Contemporary/Military Romance
Release Date: May 10, 2019


Everything I ever thought I knew about him, everything I thought he wanted was a lie.

Imagine one day calling your boyfriend, the love of your life, the man you planned to marry and have kids with only to find out his phone has been disconnected, and he’s joined the military.

How could someone love you if they ran away?

That was four years ago when he shattered my heart into a million pieces and today I find that same man on my doorstep… pleading for forgiveness and my hand in marriage.

Our relationship isn’t what I dreamt it would be. The only way to see it through is to keeping the past pain buried and protecting my heart. It shouldn’t be hard when he’s half a world away, but when tragedy strikes causing Holden to come back to me half the man he was when he left…

I must decide if he’s worth giving a second chance. With a past as checkered as ours, I’m not sure love will ever exist again.

Unsteady in Love is a stand-alone in the Fairlane series. The series has crossover characters from each novel. It is not required to read the books in order but it is recommended to enhance the reading experience.

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Author Bio

Harlow Layne is a hopeless romantic who writes sweet and sexy alpha males who will make you swoon.

Harlow wrote fanfiction for years before she decided to try her hand at a story that had been swimming in her head for years.

When Harlow’s not writing you’ll find her online shopping on Amazon, Facebook, or Instagram, reading, or hanging out with her family and two dogs.

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The Love Plan by Erica Marselas

Title: The Love Plan
Author: Erica Marselas
Genre: Romantic Comedy
Release Date: May 10, 2019


Meadow Lexington and Dexter Greene have been best friends their whole lives. They had each other’s backs through thick and thin, through devastation and happiness. Nothing could ever tear them apart.
After a drunken night of passion, Meadow thought for sure everything had changed between them for the better.
The next morning had to be something out of a horror movie or a cheesy romance novel.
It had to be. 
There was no way her best friend wouldn’t remember what they shared, what they confessed the night before… right?
Meadow Lexington needed a plan. A plan to help show her best friend that she was the one he loved.
That he could love her.
But what Meadow never realized was that old painful memories would arise, possibly blowing her plan out of the water.
Would Dexter ever accept that he is worthy of her heart?

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Author Bio

Erica is a wife, a mother of four, and a tequila drinking smart mouth. When she’s not wrangling her children and trying to keep them alive, she’s writing. She’ll write anything from sweet stalkers, to forbidden love, to erotica, to rom coms to young adult because she believes no love story is created equal and every story deserves to be told. Even the fictional ones. As long as she can dream it, she’ll write it. 

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Chasing Fate (The Chasing Series) by #JPJames

Chasing Fate (The Chasing Series)
by #JPJames



I’ve always wanted to be a writer covering LGBTQ+ affairs. As a member of the queer community, our issues don’t get enough press and I see it as my job to shine a light on the many amazing things we’ve achieved. To help me out, my dad sets me up with an internship at his best friend’s company, which is a place that puts out a weekly newsmagazine. It’s perfect because I can use this opportunity to write about gay-centric issues to my heart’s content. But the problem is that the boss doesn’t necessarily see it that way. Dane, my dad’s friend, is handsome, forbidding, and dare I say it? A little scary. He’s used to giving orders, taking risks, and making money hand over fist. Despite being gay himself, he doesn’t want me to use his paper as a platform for our community because he says quote-unquote: “It won’t sell.” Since when has everything become about money? Have we, as a society, lost our moral compass? Even more important, how can I change his mind? On the one hand, sparks fly whenever Dane and I clash. But on the other, can I really be with a man who won’t stand up for the cause closest to my heart?


I took on Chris as an intern as a favor to my oldest friend. After Nick begged, cajoled, and pleaded, I agreed on a three-month summer internship for his son. With an emphasis on temporary. Chris and I weren’t even supposed to cross paths because as the boss, I don’t really interact with newbie reporters. Yet the moment he walked into my office, I knew that Chris was going to be trouble. The young man is lively, forceful, and hell-bent on writing stories that highlight the achievements of the gay community. Of course I support him, at least on some level. After all, I’m a member of the LGBTQ+ community myself, and proud of the discrimination we’ve overcome, not to mention the acceptance we’ve achieved. As a result, I have nothing against his ideas per se, except that they won’t sell very many papers. Does that make sense? As a player in capitalist society, we have to market our wares in order to survive. But why can’t Chris understand my point of view? Sure, everyone knows that the publishing industry is in jeopardy and facing a sea change in terms of how we do business. But how can I make the young man see this? How can I help him understand that the world is more complicated than it appears, and that sometimes, we work for many masters and wear many hats simultaneously?

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Virginia Lee’s Reviews > Chained (Alphabits #4) by Susi Hawke & Crista Crown

Chained (Alphabits #4)Chained by Susi Hawke
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the 4th book in the series of Alphabits. This was a twist and turn of a story. You see the complex relationship of brothers and what some will do to make sure to protect their little brother. This is a crazy story of Ozzie and Lance and their journey. With all the pain and suffering that Spencer went through you just want to bundle him up. Cant wait for the next book and hopefully mate for Patton. Highly recommend this book and series

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Sidewinders Ever After by Kat Mizera is coming soon on May 22nd!

Sidewinders Ever After by Kat Mizera is coming soon on May 22nd!
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The Las Vegas Sidewinders are back with a selection of short, sweet bonus stories and two brand-new novellas!

FIRST CHRISTMAS – Join Dom and Molly as they celebrate their first holiday season as a couple.

HIDE THE SALAMI – When two pro hockey players babysit for a toddler, the results are hilarious.

DADDY’S GIRL – Erin, Drake and Shay travel east to say goodbye to a family member.

ANYA’S TURN – After surviving cancer, Anya faces a crumbling marriage and a slew of choices for her future.

SIMPLY SAVANNAH – As her baby’s due date approaches, Tiff finds herself at odds with Zakk about the delivery.

THE SWEETEST THINGS – The long-awaited birth of Karl and Kate’s twins comes with a terrifying price but the sweetest reward.

THE SIDEWINDER’S SIREN – Zaan and Lexi explore adulthood–and each other–even as their lives go in separate directions.

The Petrovs I (Toli & Tessa) – Three pregnancies in less than four years is more than Tessa can handle, but Toli’s too busy with the playoffs to notice. Can he step up to the plate in time?

The Petrovs II (Anton) – When Anton Petrov comes home from college for the summer, his father’s new nanny is not what he’s expecting.


The Bond-Cut Omegaby #AmyBellows

The Bond-Cut Omegaby #AmyBellows
BLURB: Gabe thinks he’ll never have a bond of his own. He’s bond-cut, which means his scent gland is so scarred, he can’t bond to anyone—not even his best friend, Marcus, who he’s been in love with for six years.
Gabe spends every waking moment with Marcus. They co-own a tattoo parlor and share an apartment. It was Gabe who gave Marcus the vibrant bird tattoos all over his body. But Gabe never plans to tell Marcus about his feelings. Marcus deserves a bond.
Marcus may be huge, even for an alpha, but everyone knows he’s a marshmallow at heart. He’s not going to pressure his bond-cut best friend into a romantic relationship he may not want. Until Gabe’s heat starts early, and a series of accidents lead to a dangerous pregnancy that exposes their true feelings for one another and rocks the foundation of their friendship.
In a world where bonds are everything, can love be enough on its own?
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited