His Undercover Angel (Heaven’s Ballroom Book 4) by #AidenBates

His Undercover Angel (Heaven’s Ballroom Book 4) by #AidenBates
BLURB: “Love? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that doesn’t actually exist.”
Omega Noah Layton owes a lot to Heaven’s Ballroom. If it weren’t for the club, he’d have been homeless at eighteen, when issues with his parents came to a head and left him without anywhere to turn. So when Noah realizes that the Ballroom is under threat, he plans to do whatever it takes to defend it – including sleeping with the enemy.
“I’m just here to do my job – and this is one helluva job.”
Private Investigator Ace Winston has been hired by a competing strip club to infiltrate Heaven’s Ballroom, learn its secrets, and lure its dancers away. Noah looks like an easy mark to pump for information – but Ace never anticipated that falling in love with Noah would leave a mark on his heart, instead.

#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

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