Hero: The Mathesons Book 3 by #DeclanRhodes

Hero: The Mathesons Book 3 by #DeclanRhodes
BLURB: Benji didn’t prepare himself for spending the semester seeing an off-limits gorgeous straight guy every morning.
For shy graduate school student Benji Matheson, moving in with Jax Carmichael, a swim camp buddy of his twin, Jamie, sounded like a great idea to boost his social life. It worked for that, but the magnetic and unexpectedly gorgeous Jax soon became a distraction, too.
A brilliant academic career meant a move to Boston for Benji to attend graduate school. Unfortunately, that meant abandoning his large, supportive family. Faced with the pressures of higher education and isolation, he suffered from a tendency to become a recluse.
Jax desperately needs a new hero in his life. Family problems, his father’s conviction and his mother’s depression, threaten to derail his academic career. He’s never fallen for a man before, but there is something about Benji and the sensual magnetism between them.
After stray sparks light a fire and slowly kindle it into a burning flame, Benji and Jax find a growing love that neither anticipated. Unfortunately, life circumstances threaten to break their fragile shared dream of a future in each other’s arms.
#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

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