One Kiss by Clara Fox

Can One Kiss change your life? Find out in One Kiss by Clara Fox …. it’s OUT NOW! Apple ➙ Nook ➙ Kobo ➙ Amazon ➙ BLURB: Can ‘One Kiss’ change your life? Jayne decides to go out one night with her girlfriends and throws caution to the wind, at theirContinue reading “One Kiss by Clara Fox”

Faith of a Wife

Can they survive the refiner’s fire? It is 85 B.C. in the Ancient Americas, and against all odds, Amulek and Tabitha’s arranged marriage has turned into one based on love. Their little family is thriving and life seems to be better than they could have ever hoped for. Despite her blessed and luxurious lifestyle, TabithaContinue reading “Faith of a Wife”

Twisted Bonds by Cora Reilly

♦ ♦ ♦ Title: Twisted Bonds Author: Cora Reilly Series: The Camorra Chronicles Release Day: August 28, 2019 Cover Designer:Letitia at Romantic Book Affairs Design ♦ ♦ ♦ Can you ever truly leave the past behind in a house full of haunted souls? Kiara always wanted a loving family she could take care of. SheContinue reading “Twisted Bonds by Cora Reilly”

Hush Hush by Lucia Franco

Title: Hush Hush Author: Lucia Franco Genre: New Adult College/Erotic Romance Cover Design: Okay Creations Photo: Regina Wamba Model: Hannah Peltier Release Date: August 14, 2019 Blurb I knew the rules. Never reveal my true identity. Play the game, give the illusion. Don’t get close to the clients. The dark and glamorous lifestyle of theContinue reading “Hush Hush by Lucia Franco”

Pacific Blue by Kristina Luckey

Title: Pacific Blue Author: Kristina Luckey Genre: Contemporary Romance Cover Design: Murphy Rae Release Date: August 14, 2019 Blurb Art first. Love later…or so she thought. Sea life sculptor Piper Diaz is tired of being pressured to conform. She is never marrying, joining her family’s investment firm, or moving from her tiny industrial loft. HerContinue reading “Pacific Blue by Kristina Luckey”

Master of Revenge by Sienna Snow

Title: Master of Revenge Series: Gods of Vegas #3 Author: Sienna Snow Genre: Dark Romance/Contemporary Release Date: July 31, 2019 Blurb We are rivals. Sworn enemies. And he is the only man to ignite a fire in my soul. I walk a fine line between control and chaos, defined by my past and driven byContinue reading “Master of Revenge by Sienna Snow”

One Short Summer by Jasmin Miller

Title: One Short Summer Series: Brooksville #2 Author: Jasmin Miller Genre: Sweet Contemporary Romance Release Date: July 31, 2019 Blurb A sweet, flirty, and heartfelt romance with two roommates that spend one enthralling summer together. After her car accident, Monica believes her dance career is over, despite the positive outlook everyone else has. Instead ofContinue reading “One Short Summer by Jasmin Miller”

Legend of Song de Light

Guest Post an inside sensory view of all-time by Kaitlynzq rhythmic subtle nature’s vital heart beats lyrics of lovecontu a stream of words ballads of adoryu gentle breezes delicate emanates from inside soft, quiet pulses In the series Lovecontu Song de Light Lovecontu A series that interweaves interior elements from the stories together like gentleContinue reading “Legend of Song de Light”

The Blood Lights

The Blood Lights by Elaine Pascale Genre: Horror The Blood Lights are the last thing you’ll see… They victimize all… Jezzie Mitchell is in anguish; with her brother’s murder still on her mind, she’s noticed strange behavior among the girls in the residential treatment center where she works. Is there a connection between the contagionContinue reading “The Blood Lights”