Exposed Cards by Sage Spelling is LIVE!

Exposed Cards by Sage Spelling is LIVE!
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When Emma Hart escaped from the abuse of her home life with a full ride to Haywick University, she wasn’t prepared to face someone else’s monster. Yet, witnessing Chase Manchester’s father use his face as a punching bag created a bond between them and despite the veil of anger Chase hides behind, she sees the kindness he reserves for her alone.

Chase wears his arrogance like a suit of armor to keep everyone from getting too close, even if it does make him seem like a dick. It’s the only way he can protect his secret until Emma sees through his persona. Even after pushing her away, his body still craves her and soon the need to have her becomes stronger then his drive to preserve his pride. But the comfort they find in each other’s arm is short-lived when Chase’s father learns of Emma’s pregnancy.

Can Chase protect Emma from his father’s wrath while battling his fear of becoming just like the man he despises?

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