Quietly Making Noise by Yessi Smith

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“Quietly Making Noise by Yessi Smith is a refreshing and poetic masterpiece.” – Goodreads reviewer

“A true love story that will stay with you long after the last word… The characters in this superbly written story are amazing.” – Amazon reviewer

Title: Quietly Making Noise
Author: Yessi Smith
Genre: New Adult
Cover Design: Jill Sava, Love Affair With Fiction

Life and love are like juggling.
With the slightest of mistakes, the whole thing can fall apart.

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Dreams tug, tease, and sometimes retreat into a subtle promise of a different tomorrow. A tomorrow Elio Delacruz never expected. Not after a lifetime of chasing a single goal.

Alongside his closest friends, Elio lives and loves his passion—his art. His existence depends on the whimsical, on the intangible, on the constant motion of a traveling busker.

When a tumultuous shadow from his past forces him to return to the suffocating island of Key West, his every instinct tells him to run. To flee from the scars of his youth.

And then he meets Vianella Manco. She’s only supposed to be a temporary distraction until he can break free of the island. His heart is never supposed to beat for her. And she’s never supposed to wish for anything beyond the easy moments they steal from one another.

But, sometimes, purposes change and the truths you believed turn out to be nothing more than pretty lies.