Dear Anna by Katie Blanchard

Dear Anna RD Available IG Post 2 ABOUT THE BOOK_ Dear Anna DA_Kindle When Medeia Moore’s manipulative husband is caught cheating with his secretary, Anna, Medeia begins to plan her escape. She runs into one colossal blockade─ the prenup. John has all the money. Desperate to avoid being sent back to the shack of her childhood nightmares, and not willing to let go of the wealthy life she’s become accustomed to, Medeia plots in secret to have the upper hand. She will use John’s secrets against him. After all, she’s the reason he’s not in jail. But, when more of John’s secrets pour out than Medeia can handle, she is forced to search for revenge of a more sinister nature. How far will she go to gain back her freedom? Dear Anna RD-2

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I lounge on the velvet chaise in the sitting area of my large walk-in closet and peruse the internet for anything it can spit out about Anna Trayor. Her social media pages are the ones ripe with information. For Anna, the most advantageous was proving to be her Facebook page. She hasn’t bothered to set it to private or block posts from being seen by strangers, so all the status updates are ripe for the picking. She wants to let the world in and make herself the center-stage attraction. She’s an attention whore. She writes everything down, and I mean everything. Whether it’s posting about the day’s activities or checking in to locations to show off her lifestyle, Anna doesn’t miss a day of keeping people informed, never missing a beat for the past 567 days. And the day she did miss, she apologized profusely for in her next update. The funny part is that there’s only ever a handful of comments on her statuses, typically from the same people. Her actual audience is minuscule compared to the grand scale she believes she’s projecting her views on. I note that she doesn’t post about her lunch with John yesterday. Nothing about a love interest anywhere, not even a thinly veiled tacky meme. Her Instagram is harder to suffer through. It doesn’t show me much, aside from her perfect boobs and stylish way of dress. Instagram is her vanity, Facebook her desperation, and Twitter is filled with rants about the injustices of the world. Her favorite restaurant discontinued a meal so obscure that I’m sure she only called it her favorite because it set her apart from the crowd. I don’t believe for a second that she ate and enjoyed it — still, no mention of John. Anna makes sure to keep her dating life private on a place that she posted about her menstrual cycle at least three times. She doesn’t cross-post though, something about her I notice straight away. I don’t have to sift through a redundancy of posts on the separate social media pages. Anna plays to a different audience on each platform, making it hard to get a depiction of her true self. I can only judge on the part that she is willing to offer up to the world, and boy is it ugly.

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KATIE HEADERS Dear Anna_-4 54257509_787863088236005_5117874182280970240_o Katie Blanchard is an author of women’s fiction and suspense. Her debut novel, ‘Pressing Flowers’ is available for purchase through Amazon. Katie resides in Southwestern, Pennsylvania where she spends most of her days chasing two children. When they give her a moment, she’s found crocheting on the couch. You can find out more about Katie and her upcoming releases at, or follow her on Facebook. KATIE HEADERS Dear Anna_-5

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