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Gambling on the Artist (Cat’s Paw Cove) by Wynter Daniels

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Gambling on the Artist (Cat’s Paw Cove)
by Wynter Daniels

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Artist Samantha Cartwright arrives in Cat’s Paw Cove for a visit with her great Aunt Emma, hoping to get clarity about Emma’s cryptic prediction. Instead, Sam finds out she must mind her aunt’s metaphysical shop while Emma is away on vacation. The temporary job proves impossible for Sam because unlike Emma, Sam possesses no magical powers. Lucky for her, tall, dark, and handsome help enters the shop just in the nick of time.

Eli Kincaid managed to get on the bad side of a ruthless loan shark. Now his life depends upon his ability to con an innocent woman out of the only thing of value she owns—a precious jewel she inherited. If he can get close to Sam, maybe he can figure out where she’s keeping the gem. What he hadn’t counted on was falling for his mark. Can he escape the web of deception and protect Sam as sinister forces close in on both of them?

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