Saved by the Manny

Saved by the Manny (Manny’s Mannies Book 4)

#LoreleiMHart Amazonđź“š Lesson: Groupies are not the best choice of a mate. Alpha Edwin loves music. Unfortunately, he can’t carry a tune in a bucket. He can, however, run a sound system like a boss and soon finds himself touring the world with some of the biggest bands. He is living the dream: great music, a good living, and wonderful twin boys. His mate is…less wonderful, leaving him with his twins when she figures out Edwin is not the staircase to her own freedom. Life Lesson: Not everything you hear about concert tours is true—just the good parts. Pregnant Omega Judson needs a job and now. When he is offered a job teaching and tutoring two kids whose father tours with the biggest band on the billboard charts, his gut reaction is to decline. They are alcohol-and-drug-filled month-long parties, or so the rumor goes, and the one thing Judson doesn’t need is to be around a bunch of drunks. He had enough of that in his past career as an exotic dancer. Life Lesson: Always get it in print. Traveling across the world and teaching two of the most creative children turns out to be one of the more challenging things Judson has ever done. The most challenging part is keeping his hands, lips, teeth, and other parts away from his sexy boss, Edwin. It would be far easier if his boss didn’t flirt back. Iliana, the kids’ mother, comes around making noise about wanting the kids, and all semblance of normal—normal for a concert tour anyway—flies out the window. Threats are made, lawsuits are filed, and things get ugly quickly. Judson refuses to leave Edwin’s side, determined to help him keep his family and possibly make one of his own.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

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