Quench: Omega Assassins Club Book Two

Quench: Omega Assassins Club Book Two

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BLURB:Van is an omega assassin used to taking care of himself. Hudson is an older alpha who sees through Van’s rough exterior to the mate within. When Van’s latest mission forces him into hiding, he’s certain all the free time will drive him insane. Working as an assassin for the OAC is his life. He takes on the worst of the worst—alphas who don’t see value in an omega’s life. And he doesn’t want to ever stop. To be an effective agent, Van has had to turn away from his nature. The meek, mild disposition of most omegas has no place on a mission. He isn’t coddled or doted on. No one worries if he comes home with a scratch or bruise. Not until Hudson. Van is skittish and untrusting, but Hudson can be patient, especially when the reward is so sweet. When Van stops by to say goodbye, but won’t say who he’s hiding from or why, Hudson knows he can’t let him out of his sight. He offers Van an alternative hideout on his farm hours away from the city. He knows how dangerous this world is for omegas, he lost his brother over twelve years ago and gained four sons in the process, all teenagers by now. And while Van isn’t very forthcoming, Hudson knows he’s worth the wait and effort. He’ll earn Van’s trust, even if he has to do it the hard way. What started as an experiment for Van to see how the other half lives turns into so much more. Van never expected to love a life of early morning chores and school lunches. He thought he’d be bored stiff way out in the country, but every day, Hudson shows him something else to appreciate, something else to miss when his real life comes calling. If the OAC taught Van how to stand strong, then his time with Hudson has taught him how to also rely on the strength of others. But, when an old threat comes knocking on his door, the pristine life Van has made in the country comes to a shuddering halt. Can Hudson love the man Van is? Will Van have to choose between his life helping people in the OAC and his mate? Quench is the second book the Omega Assassins Club series.#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

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