NOW LIVE!!! Moth to a Flame by Cambria Hebert is available now!!!

NOW LIVE!!! Moth to a Flame by Cambria Hebert is available now!!!

“An addictive, devour-in-one-sitting thriller with so many twists and turns you’ll be wondering until the very end.”– Amazon Review

“This book! Wow!! Heart wrenching flash backs, chilling suspense and breathtaking romance make Moth to a Flame a must read!” – Closet Romance Reader Blog

“Devilishly intriguing with a fresh take on how a mystery thriller should be written. You won’t know who survives and who doesn’t until the very exciting end!” – ARC review

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The only thing drawn to her more than danger is him…

Danger isn’t Zoey’s middle name. But it is something she can’t forget, something she’s reminded of every time she looks in the mirror. For those reasons, Zoey has become an expert at creating the perfect illusion. Her ability to fool the eye, to create truth where there was previously none makes her the best in the business.

Working as a makeup and special effects artist for Hollywood combines her two life must-haves: her passion for makeup and hiding in plain sight. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s safe within the heavily secured and secret studio sets, away from the public eye.

Then her perfect job becomes her perfect nightmare.

Not only does her illusion slip with the blast of icy water, but it does so in front of the country’s biggest action hero and the gossipiest of celebrity TV shows.

At first, Zoey thinks danger hasn’t caught up to her and the worst thing about her mishap is the world’s most perfect man sees her in all her not-so-perfect glory.

Until a series of unexplained “accidents” begins on set.

That’s when Zoey knows.

Danger has caught up to her… and this time she fears death has, too.


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