Omega Deer

Omega, Deer (Vale Valley Season 3 Book 9)

#AriaGrace & #LoreleiMHart
BLURB:Sometimes what you think will break you is the one thing you need most. Anthony Buck needed a break from life. The pressure to become the perfect omega, docile and constantly breeding, was too much. He wasn’t sure he’d ever be that man, no matter how hard he tried. So, he did what every responsible deer does. He ran away. Dr. Peter Loomis moved to Vale Valley after his omega and their daughter were killed in a car accident. For the past five years, he’s buried himself in his work, eager to help others as a distraction from the emptiness in his life. When their paths crossed after Anthony was struck by a car, both men realized the fear and pain they’d been running from could also bring them the most happiness. If only it were that easy..#MMRomance #KindleUnlimited

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Mission Statement For nearly four years, Book Review Virginia Lee has been a significant part of the book community. Our goal is to help in sharing the love for all Indie Authors and their books. It’s hard enough for authors to launch their dreams of writing that jewel in literature and it is our hope that we can help you achieve that objective. Are you looking for help with the launch of your new book? We can help you to promote your book through the provision of a variety of professional services including but not limited to, Author Spotlight, Sunday Shout out, Monthly Takeover events (Takeover Group) and Banner competitions. If you would like to receive more information about being showcase on our blog or for Sharing your book. Please contact by email or send us a PM.

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