Release Boost

Victory Sweet

Last Chance for Nook, Kobo and iTunes

“If you love fast cars, intense characters who are all in when it comes to love & friendship. Six stories with a theme of racing and romance all entertaining and very different.”Amazon Reviewer

Don’t miss out on your chance to grab this anthology on Nook, iTunes and Kobo – it will be dropping into KU and exclusively on Amazon soon!

All proceeds benefit @VictoryJunction


What would you do, if there was nothing holding you back?

Have you ever thought about, what if – an illness or disability stood in your way? 

Now imagine if you were a child. All you want to do is be like all your other friends.

Victory Junction gives those children that chance.

We’ve teamed up to bring you stories of hope, laughter, tears, and romance – all in support in of this wonderful cause. 

Together, we can show the world that Victory is Sweet.

#Charity #VictoryIsSweet #AvailableNow #MustRead

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